Sept 26 2016

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Big Cat Health Updates

Yesterday, Dr Wynn came out to check on the non emergency issue that our cats have been reported for on the Observation Charts.  She saw Sassyfras Cougar, Aspen Cougar, Artemis Cougar and removed the cone from Nala Serval's head.  We were live on Facebook, or you can see it here:

King Tut didn't eat yesterday.  Everyone else did to varying degrees.

Update from CITES

The big cat rescue groups at CITES were appalled that Canada would try to remove protections for the Florida Panther and were especially worried that the US Fish & Wildlife Service might go along with the ill conceived idea.  While people were convening to figure out how to turn the tides, in favor of these magnificent cats, Jamie and Justin just went right up to Dan Ashe, the Director of USFWS, and spoke with him about why the Florida Panther needs the highest level of protection.  He agreed and assured her that he would not support the move from Appendix 1 to the lesser protected Appendix 2 status.

Our people are at CITES to protect all of the exotic cat species and governments who make money by allowing them to be killed as trophies are outraged.  Read more about how they are lashing out at our people for bringing up the subject of protecting the animals they like to sell permits to kill.

We hope that by showing you the threats to these wild cats that you will help end the trade in them as pets, props and parts by considering how your tourism dollars are spent.

If BCR was a Reality TV Show, Would you Watch It?

The video above was our first foray into that sort of format (so please forgive our humble start) Let us know in the comments if you would watch a Big Cat Rescue reality series and what you'd like to see.

Lots of work is going on around the sanctuary to prepare for our once a year event called the Wildcat Walkabout on Oct. 1, 2016 where you can wander at will.  We limit tickets to the first 500 people and there are only 38 tickets left so get yours now at that link!

The Vacation Rotation web cam seems to be stuck on highlights.  People at are working on that.



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