Sept 28 2016

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Sad Goodbye to Sassyfrass Cougar

Sassyfrass Cougar had been in kidney failure for a while, but was being kept comfortable with pain killers for his arthritis and lots of water and frozen blood 'cicles to keep him hydrated.  I knew he was declining when he didn't stalk my mother on Saturday.  She's so tiny and Sassyfrass just loved to stalk her on our walks through the sanctuary.  On Sunday Dr Wynn came out to assess his health as you can see in the video below.


Although we just examined Sassyfrass on Sunday and made changes to his medications, his quality of life took a turn for the worse. He was already in advance kidney disease and he had bad arthritis. He had been eating well and was interactive with the volunteers, but last night things changed. He was no longer eating and he was unable to move well. As with all of the cats, their quality of life is the most important consideration when determining if we should continue treatments for long term diseases. Sassyfrass was euthanized this morning in the familiar surroundings of his cage. As he passed away, he left us with one last purr. In our minds, he was saying good-bye and thanking us for letting him go. - Dr Wynn

The seizures were back in January 2016.

On a good note, Artemis Cougar is eating now and taking her eye drops twice a day.

Donate Unwanted Gift Cards

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Update from South Africa and CITES

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We sat in on some of the committee sessions. Attached is a photo of Justin and I. HSUS was speaking and they were sitting behind us. They make a lot of comments so we are on the big screens a lot.

We met a couple that run another sanctuary and they were really nice and have the same ideals we do. We talked to them at length about the horrors they've witnessed in canned hunting. They told us about drive hunts, where hunters are lined up on observation towers on either side of a road or path inside a fenced enclosure, then staff beat the bushes in line form driving all of the game down through the middle of the path where they are picked off by the hunters.

They also told us about big cat hunts, apparently the cats are housed in small enclosures and cared for daily by keepers. When they are chosen to be hunted they are put into the large wild enclosure and have to have a minimum of 3 days in the new space after which the hunter is driven up to the cat which is approximately 15 feet away. As soon as the cat sees people it approaches as it is used to being fed by people, then it is shot.

The other thing that is starting to get huge here in Africa is the use of tigers. African law only governs native species, so there are no laws protecting big cats like tigers.

Lots of other intrigue is going on, but cannot be reported until after the decisions are made.

Florida Panther is Downlisted from Appendix 1 to Appendix 2

I’m proud of Jamie and Justin for trying to derail the plan to delist the Florida Panther but it failed. At 5 am she texted me to say, “The downcast of the panthers was a collaboration between Canada and the U.S. When it came time to present their proposal the U.S. said that because of the feedback from constituents here they now reject the proposal but recused themselves from voting. Half of the neighboring countries voted against it. Mexico and some European and Asian countries voted for it. It ended up passing. The Florida Panther has now been down listed to Appendix II. We tried.”

Call me cynical, but here's my read on this:

The USFWS was no help at all to the Florida Panther when the Florida Wildlife Commission tried to change the rules in Florida so that the panthers could be killed if they were in the way of Florida Wildlife Commissioner Priddy's planned development in the heart of Florida Panther territory.  The people of Florida were so outraged that I believe the USFWS went to Canada and said, "Hey, you guys like offering trophy hunts of endangered species, like wolves and polar bears, so how about we let you guys continue to export those into the U.S. and you help us pave Florida under by proposing to delist the Florida Panther?"  Why not?  Canada doesn't have any Florida Panthers.  No state, other than Florida has any Florida Panthers.  That's why they're called Florida Panthers.

But, the USFWS isn't expecting anyone from the U.S. to be there and see what's happening until they get called on the carpet by Big Cat Rescuers, Jamie and Justin Boorstein.  To save face they rally plenty of other countries who want to consume every last wild animal on the planet, to assist their virility, because goodness knows there aren't enough of them, so that the U.S. can say, "oh, we didn't know Americans cared about the Florida Panther, but since they do, we will just sit this one out"...even though it was our plan from the beginning.  And don't let them tell you they didn't know.  As soon as the ill fated plan was made known we have been all over it, along with a number of other leading non profit organizations.


South Florida developers must be licking their chops now as there is far less standing in their way of building more cities and killing more wildlife in Florida.

This is what happens when people leave wildlife protection to government agencies.  We have to be more vocal and be more careful to elect people who really care about protecting the planet and all her inhabitants.


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Dear Sir/Madam:

I have some complaints that need to be addressed immediately in regards to the Vacation Rotation.

1.         First of all, I don’t like being told when I have to go on vacation: I would like to be able to pick my own dates.  And in case you haven’t figured it out by now, I will walk through the tunnel when I am good and ready.  I am the King of the Jungle after all.  Okay, yes, sometimes I like to stop and lay down for a few minutes, but it is simply to enjoy the nature around me.  That is no reason to make fun of me or try bribing me with the yellow donut.  Can I help it if I appreciate seeing new and different things?

2.         While me and Zabu are  in the Vacation Rotation, you insist on letting that stinky tiger, Kali, into our space.  I don’t like that.  I don’t like it at all.  That is our house, not anybody else’s.  And it stresses Bu out when we get back from vacation, because she has to run around peeing on everything to make it ours again.  And I don’t like it when my Bu is stressed.

3.         And what in the world ever possessed you to put the Vacation Rotation across from those stinky Texas Tigers and – worst of all – Joseph?  Honestly, I have to spend half my vacation just telling those guys to quit staring at Zabu.  I know she is beautiful, but she is MY girlfriend and they just can’t seem to keep their eyes in their heads when we are there.  I get tired of them just sitting there and watching her day in and day out.  Please get them some new toys or something to distract them or get them women of their own.

4.         Concerning yesterday, I am very upset that everyone tried to steal my turtle from me.  I was just playing with it; I wasn’t gonna eat it.  Was it really necessary to have four people over there calling me and bribing me with chicken?  After all, I let it go and it went back into the pond.  So what’s the big deal?  And then shaming me by posting a video of it on the Updates page.  Really?!  Anyway, that turtle was asking for it because it was outside the fence line taunting Bu the other day.  I was just defending her honor.  Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it!

Please see that these complaints are addressed immediately.  Thank you.


Cameron Lion

(Via Lori D., Secretary to the Cats)


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