Sept 30 2016

best environmental organization award

Big Cat Health & Move Updates

Yesterday we moved 9 cats in 2 hours! An average of less than 15 minutes per cat to move Cameron Lion and Zabu Tiger off vacation, the three tigers, Arthur, Andre and Amanda to vacation, JoJo Caravel off vacation, Jade and Armani Leopards on vacation and Tonga the white serval moved to his new digs next to his brother, Pharaoh.

Phil & his 4 siblings are with a surrogate mom.

kitten phil

Help us care for foster kittens like Phil at It only takes a moment

CITES Updates from South Africa

“China backed down without what we feared would be a tough fight. China proposed to delete the 2007 decision to phase out tiger farming. In the end, however, no one supported China. It was a sight to behold. The chair of the meeting literally asked which countries supported China, and there was complete silence. It was a surreal moment. And that was the end of it.

Lao made opening comments on the tiger issue by saying in clear language that it would phase out tiger farms and ask for assistance. Jamie and Justin are all over offering BCR’s help, which is such a wonderful opportunity for Lao and BCR!

Many people and organizations made this happen. Despite the rocky road to getting the US tigers document out, I believe it helped influence CITES Parties. China could not make its usual excuse that it is no worse than the US on captive tigers. Now we need to get the ban in place. The international connection is stronger than ever.” – Judy Mills

Conservationists welcome CITES support to end tiger farming

During discussions at the 17th Conference of the Parties (CoP) to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), India, Nepal, the USA, EU and Lao PDR overruled a proposal from China to delete a Decision to end tiger farming. China was alone in suggesting that the Decision, which states that “tigers should not be bred for trade in their parts and derivatives”, should be “retired”.

There are fewer than 4,000 wild tigers remaining, with populations functionally extinct in some range States. The conservation of wild tigers requires action to end all trade in tiger parts and derivatives, and reduce and eventually eliminate demand for these products. Trade in parts and derivatives of captive bred tigers continues to be a threat, perpetuating the desirability of tiger products and stimulating poaching of wild tigers and other Asian big cats. Undeniably, wild tigers are doing best in range States where they are not considered a commodity and where they are not bred for trade in their parts and derivatives.

Following on from a Ministerial announcement last Friday, the delegation from Lao PDR elaborated on the government’s intention to work with technical experts to phase out tiger farms. Lao PDR is the first of the tiger-farming countries to declare their intention to finally implement Decision 14.69. While welcoming this announcement, we recognize that Lao PDR is home to transnational organized criminal networks that are exploiting weak legislation and enforcement. A significant investment of political and financial commitment to root out corruption and complacency is essential to turn words in to action.

Also approved today were a suite of Decisions that will continue a thorough review of efforts to improve legislation and enforcement, and will put facilities that keep and breed tigers and other Asian big cats for commercial purposes under greater scrutiny. Additionally, there was support in principle for a proposal from India which encourages countries that make seizures of tiger skins to share photos of these with range states, to facilitate investigations into the origin of the skins.
Debbie Banks
Campaign Leader (Tigers & Wildlife Crime)
Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)
62/63 Upper Street
London N1 0NY
United Kingdom

Big Cat Rescue Wins Best Environmental Organization

bcr best environmental org

Other Big Cat News

Tragic news from a zoo in Germany yesterday as a young lion – still a cub at just one year old – is killed after he and his brother escaped from their enclosure.

Big Cat Abuse Stopped in its Tracks!

Dana Lynn said, “Proof that working together makes change! At 5:30pm today BIG Cat Rescue asked for help, a church in Florida was planning on displaying a big cat for entertainment at their festival. Within 6 hours of the original post the display was cancelled thanks to everyone emailing and posting on the church’s page asking them to reconsider! NOW to get these cats to a safe home! Donate at to help out. They do amazing work! Big Cat Rescue Thank you for all that you do!”

This was our alert w/ contact info removed, since the church decided to NOT abuse the big cat:

ACTION ALERT! The Mims United Methodist Church and First Baptist Church of Mims — both located in Mims, FL — are hosting their annual Mullet Festival this Saturday, October 1. That’s all fine and dandy except that they are advertising a “big cat display” at the festival!

It is absolutely absurd that two churches would sponsor and condone animal exploitation. Big Cat Rescue reached out to the festival via phone and email but received no response so we need YOU to be the voice of these big cats who will be on display and gawked at this weekend! Please email the churches and post comments on these pages asking them to CANCEL THE BIG CAT DISPLAY.

Big cats should not be used as entertainment and exploiting big cats at your event is cruel and wrong. Please cancel the big cat display!

mouse pad



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