Sept 4 2016

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Rusty Caracal's kidneys were so bad that the machine couldn't even read it, and there is no way he can recover from this, so the only kind option is euthanasia. We turned off the cameras before ending a life because it's just too difficult for everyone involved. Rusty was much loved and will never be forgotten.  There you will find photos, videos and the recording of the LIVE broadcast from the Windsong Memorial Hospital this morning.

Zouletta Serval still isn't eating more than a few bites.  Her spirits have improved by having Zimba with her, but we have to separate them at feeding time or he will eat his food and hers.  She gets so upset that he's locked away for a few minutes that she won't eat.  The vet is giving her some appetite stimulants and we may just over feed Zimba for a few days so there is plenty of food for Zouletta without separating them; depending on whether or not they fight.

Hoover Tiger ate 10 lbs and TJ ate 5.6 lbs. Cameron ate better today than he has in several days.  So did Joseph Lion.

If you've noticed the cool new banners on our website, and all of our social sites, you can thank Geoff Lichy for donating his time.  Find out more about him at

Meredith found the tattoo of Nirvana Ocelot on someone in Poland.

Nirvana Ocelot Tattoo


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