Sept 5 2016

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Happy Labor Day!

Every day here is a labor of love.  Today you may notice a lot of changes with our website.  In an effort to make the site load faster on desktop and mobile and be Google AMP compliant, Ysabel is working on a new theme.  If you see things that are broken, or loading slowly, please email me at so we can be sure to re check them once everything is in place.

Sassy Caracal is eating fine since losing Rusty.  She had pulled away from him, or he from her, the last couple of days, so I think she knew he was doing what cats do when they are about to die.

TJ is eating well, and so are the others who are usually on our watch list.  Tiger Lilly has a runny eye, so the vet will be treating her, but otherwise she's doing pretty well.

Spirit Feather the baby bobcat in rehab just fell off her shelf:

We would like to offer some tees and totes to support her rehab work.  If you have a clever tag line for the shirts, please post it in the comments below.

Tomorrow we start filming for some virtual reality work, so you may not get detailed updates for a few days.  I'll have my hands full.

One new feature of this new web design is that these updates will appear on the front page of our website, so be sure to subscribe to get them by email.

Today around 2:30 the Texas Tigers will go on "vacation" here:  Maybe later, as the meat truck just arrived and it will be all hands on deck to offload the cat food.

Have you ever wanted to lay on the floor and be covered in cute little kittens?  Here's that virtual reality experience for you:


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