Sept 6 2016

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Woo Hoo Round Two!


THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR BIG CAT RESCUE, we’ve been selected as one of 5 finalists for 2016 Animaltarian of the Year by PetPartners! If we receive the most votes during their final round, we will win the $5000 grand prize!

The final round of voting runs from September 6th to October 6th. We really need everyone to VOTE ONCE PER DAY for Big Cat Rescue to win $5,000!! Vote at where you can also learn more about our domestic foster kitten program and how we would spend the prize money.

VOTE ONCE PER DAY until October 6 at  Thank you for your pawsome support!!!

Ground broke today on the huge Bobcat Rehab expansion project!

Hoover and TJ Tigers ate 6 and 5 lbs this morning respectively, but will be coaxed throughout the day to eat more.  Hoover didn’t care at all about the drone today, but TJ just loved the way it made the light shimmer on the water.  He could barely take his eyes off the rippling lake to consider the drone.

Tiger Lilly may be fighting a cold, with a weepy eye, but she’s eating well.

The flooding has receded from the paths in most places now.  We were very happy with the amount of dry space our cats had during the Hurricane and after as water continued to seep in from surrounding development.  The more pavement that goes in around us, the harder it is for us to deal with heavy rains.

We have some interesting filming going on here for a new virtual reality experience and reality TV.  We can’t discuss the details until they air, but we know you are going to love the results.  Here’s a peek into how that sort of filming goes (except we won’t be touching wild animals here)

Sassy Caracal was ALL ABOUT breakfast today, so that’s a good sign and Zouletta is eating a little better now that she has Zimba by her side.

Sometimes people who are watching the Feeding Station and Vacation Rotation cameras think we have forgotten to let the cats out after they eat.  They’ve never been forgotten.  If they are locked up, there is a reason.  Twice a week they get whole prey and they have to stay locked in the roofed area, until they are done eating so they don’t drag the carcass out into the den in the middle of the field, where we can’t reach it.  Sometimes it is because we have to retrieve old enrichment, or something they have killed, from the yard.

Emailing me to ask about specific cats:  I get over 120 emails a day and our social sites get many hundreds of questions every day.  We can’t answer them all and do the work necessary to end the trade in big cats as pets, props and for their parts.  This updates section of our website is to keep you up to date on any cat who is having issues.  Otherwise, you can assume the cat is doing fine, or at least hasn’t given us any cause for concern.


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