Sept 8 2016

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Would the cats be more lovely in 8K video?

Today we are filming w/ drones and 360 GoPros again to bring you some stunning 8k video!

During our flights we saw that it was whole prey day.  Our cats are fed 500 lbs of meat a day and people always ask out our feeding program.  In essence, the cats are fed daily, in the morning a variety of ground beef (w/ vitamins and minerals) from AAA Brand in Colorado, chicken legs and leg quarters, and chunks of beef.  Two days a week they get whole rabbits or whole rats.  These are bred for the pet snake trade and arrive frozen.  There are some nutrients that cats cannot process on their own or get in supplement form; they have to go through the digestive tracks of their prey first.  As treats the cats sometimes get turkey, cornish hens, pork, lamb and various organs.

Moses and Bailey Bobcats were up for vacation in the FunCation, but would not be trapped in their feeding lockouts for the move.  I guess we will mow in there and try again tomorrow.

When the film crew is done with filming in the Vacation Rotation enclosure, we will move them home and see about Zeus Tiger getting a turn.

Spirit Feather still hasn’t managed to kill her first rat.  She’s still small, and really likes eating rats.  She’s just not sure how to dispatch one.

Hoover and TJ the tigers keep sneaking into the lake and out before we can all get set up on Tiger Lake.  I’d hate to not have them in the finished product, but there was only a day and a half allotted to filming.  We got some of TJ yesterday though.


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