Sept 9 2016

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400 Kittens Saved!

Today Karma posted this note to the interns:  "...a mom with 5 one week old surrogate kittens. I will be picking them up and taking them to your house so please have it ready for the morning with food, water, nesting area, etc.  This will bring us to over 400 precious lives saved. Thank you all for helping to make this such a successful program!"

Animal Abuser Registry in Hillsborough County, FL!

Due to the outpouring of support from all the animal advocates, the Animal Abuse Registry was passed and will be effective as of Nov. 1, 2016.

Workin' on Some Cat Moves...

Jamie has mapped out the following cat moves.

Moving these cats will free up everything on the west side of the road so that from Niki lion through to Sabre would be all green level cats. This would also mean there would not be a Little Back cleaning section.

Little White Dove and Running Bear to Breezy's old cage (has platform for them) DONE 9/9/2016
Andi to Angie's old cage (secluded behind building) DONE 9/9/2016
Banshee to Mickey's old cage (secluded on lesser used path) Failed today.  Still trying to catch him.
Cheetaro to Running Bear & Little White Dove plus JoJo's old cage

As originally planned these moves will make the entire island section yellow level.

Ares, Artemis and Orion Cougars to Cheetaro Leopard's old cage, plus Leopard Vacation cages
Mac Cougar to cage between Aspen Cougar & Cheetaro Leopard
Sassyfras Cougar to Rusty & Sassy's Caracal's old cage

Other moves & tunnels to make best use of space, tour path, connected cages, and placing similar cats near each other.

Sheena Serval to Purrsonality's old cage
Connect Zimba/Zouletta Servals to Sheena Serval's old cage (open up door)
Tonga Serval to Sassyfras Cougar's old cage (big platform for him)
Will & Ana Bobcat to Mac Cougar's old cage (mostly hidden/secluded)
Connect Ariel Bobcat to 3rd part of triplex (more space)
Disconnect King Tut the Savannah Cat from triplex and connect to Tommie Girl Bobcat's old cage
Connect Purrfection Ocelot to Little Feather Bobcat's old cage (higher ground when wet)

The only cat she has not decided on is Sassy Caracal. There are 3 options.

In between Kali Tiger & Sassyfras Cougar (there is a nice platform right on path and she does not mind bigger cats)
In between Sabre Leopard & Kricket Serval
Tonga Serval's old cage (not much exposure to path)

Another option is to see if we can in any way connect Sassyfras Cougar's old cage to cage nearest Kali Tiger as that is a nice platform right on the path, then would be left with two options for Sassy Caracal.

Moving the cougar triplets out, gives us a huge area for small cat vacations that is secluded and has lots of places to hide.  Many of the more shy cats will appreciate that cover.

Map attached with cat names in red that need to be moved and tunnels in red that need to be built.

2016 map_plans

New enrichment video!

Later today we are going to try to send Zeus Tiger on vacation, if he can make the long walk.  He seems to really enjoy the Vacation Rotation enclosure and checks out every part of it, despite his old age.

Moses Bobcat is on small cat vacation in the 22,000 sf FunCation.  Bailey refused to go, but we will continue to try and coax her.


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