September 1 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Keeper Kathryns’ Coordinator Report for Thursday 8/31/2017

We had a great day today! Lots of projects and cat moves. Lots of wonderful volunteers came out.

We moved Kali and Sundari back from vacations.

Mac moved into his new enclosure on the tour path.

Vacation and FunCation were weeded and mowed. Go Sarah B, Aleesa and Josh!

The trench behind max and maryann was filled in with dirt.

We had a big party for Zeus for his 21st birthday, he ate almost all his 8 lb cake. Joseph joined in with his birthday song. Many volunteers came to sing to him and give tons of attention.

We managed operant and enrichment signoffs as well.

Whew I’m beat! That’s all for me.


Show the world that you support Big Cat Rescue by wearing one a Big Cat Rescue awareness bracelet. Band is black with the BCR tiger, paw prints, and the words Big Cat Rescue in white. Win A Big Cat Rescue Supporter Band – Show the world that you support Big Cat Rescue by wearing one a Big Cat Rescue awareness bracelet. Band is black with the BCR tiger, paw prints, and the words Big Cat Rescue in white.  Each day that you make the Call of the Wild Carole is notified and at the end of every day, Carole will run a randomizer to pick one winner every day. It is important that when you make the Call of the Wild that you use you accurate address because that is the address that Keeper Lauren will then mail a Big Cat Rescue Supporter Wrist Band to the daily winner. Make the Call of the Wild at If you do not know what the Call of the Wild is check out the info at:   Recent Winners: August 28th Elizabeth E., August 29th Thomas C., August 30th Kendall C., August 31st Zion T.

ClipArt film

NEW VIDEO from Afton! After visiting the veterinarians to get spayed and neutered, it was time for Cyrus and Chaos to be reunited for their first time since their rescue.

Enjoy aerial footage captured by our drone of Kali the tigress heading to our vacation rotation enclosure for her two week stay.

ClipArt film Facebook Live Video Replays

Carole’s Morning Walkabout:  See Frosty, an elderly African serval on FunCation,

Rescued kittens play and heal while they wait for their forever homes. Watch more at

ClipArt Cub in a cape Keeper Corner

Keeper Afton: Happy 21st Birthday Zeus Moose!!

Keeper Monica Spires reminded me of this 12 Second Video by posting it in Big Cat Rescue’s Official Facebook Group. FROSTY the serval talking to one of his serval neighbors 🙂

Keeper Lynda Licht: Cameron can be so serious sometimes. But Zabu just keeps smiling.

 The STARS Award

Stars Prize: Each month volunteers who dedicate 25% over their minimum hourly requirements are put into a pool from which one partner and one keeper is randomly selected to win a prize. The prize for this year will be a paw painting from one of the cats.

Keeper – Susan Reed
Partner – Daniel MacGregor

 Volunteer Hours

July = 3,608 volunteer hours contributed by 103 volunteers. That means volunteers collectively put in the same hours as more than 22 full time paid staff would have during that same time.

July = 4,415 intern hours contributed 19 interns. That means interns collectively put in the same hours as more than 27 full time paid staff would have during that same time.

If you look to any other animal sheltering type group you will find that they usually have dozens of paid staff if they have our level of income. Thanks to volunteers and interns we only have to pay about 15 staff members because volunteers and interns are doing all of the cat care and most of the guest relations. That means 100% of money donated can go entirely to just the cats and beyond that it also means more of the money earned can go to the cats and to ending the abuses that cause so many big cats to be discarded.

clipart lynx leaping Bobcat Rehab September 1, 2017

Early morning stroll

Cooper hoping for an early breakfast

Cooper being busy this morning

 Viewer Pix

Big Cat Friend, Keli Worthington: Lots of love to Sweet old Zeusy on his big day!

Big Cat Friend, Matthew B.: Happy 21st Birthday Zeus!

Big Cat Friend, Diane Buckler: Happy Birthday Zeus!

Big Cat Friend, Robin Frye: Lottie Kitten says “Yay! Friday!”

Big Cat Friend, Rob Rager: Seth: “I’m doin’ the whole ‘Jungle Cat Lurkin’ In The Underbrush’ thing, this morning”

Big Cat Friend, Rob Rager: The always regal Nikta, pretending she’s not looking at the camera

Big Cat Friend, Barb Colvin: Little Cooper Pole Dancing

Clipart lion Viewer Videos

When you’re racing the breakfast cart but get distracted by the smell of my tigers.

A dip in the lake and Andy is ready for the weekend

Keisha rolling, Joseph roaring

Chewing on grass and playing with boomer ball

Keisha super stretch


Checking out VR

Keisha is on vacation

 Big Cat Public Safety Act

Has YOUR Reppresentaive Co-Sponored yet?

Have YOU made the Call of the wild at yet, this week?  Have you asked at least one friend to make the call?

grey kitten, kittens, cute kittens, kitten clipart, cat art REQUEST

Carole has asked me to make a digital book about Back to School Lunches.   How do YOU make your kids’ lunches?  What kids of fund, creative things do you do?  What kinds of things do your kinds like in their lunches?  Please share YOUR OWN recipes, tips, ticks, and ideas with us.  If enough of you turn things in we will do a book called, “Back To School Lunches, Big Cat Style.”  Of course the book will be filled with photos of the cats at Big Cat Rescue.  This cannot be done without YOUR INPUT!

 Quick Links – These links will come in handy as you beginf teaching other about big cat issues.  Let us know if something needs to be added.  Are there questions you are having trouble finding answers for?

  WANTED – Graphic Artists – Carole is looking for a graphic artist who really gets what we are all about and would would like to help us with some graphics for shirts.  If that is you or if you know someone like that, please have them email Carole at


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