September 11 2017

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Big Cat Updates

All the cats are safe.  There will be is lot of clean up ahead.  See updates, photos and videos at

ClipArt film Facebook Live Replays

Today's videos start with yesterday's last minute preps for Hurricane Irma and takes you through the night storm and morning.

Checking on the cats and crew during the early part of Hurricane Irma

Last minutes checks and updates

Checking on the cats during Irma

Night Drive around the sanctuary checking on the cats during rain from Irma.

Late night battle with the water outside the gift shop.

We survived Hurricane Irma. More at daybreak.

7 am Drive around Big Cat Rescue to check on the cats and grounds after Hurricane Irma

Checking on little big cats the morning after Hurricane Irma.

Carole giving you an update on how the sanctuary and the cats came through Hurricane Irma

The clean up begins, but first we have to clear the road so volunteers can get to Big Cat Rescue

The morning after Hurricane Irma at Big Cat Rescue . Putting little Cooper, the rehab bobcat back outside.

Cameron says "Take that, Irma!

 Clean-up Photos

All of the lions tigers leopards and cougars have been accounted for in their cages. Now we are checking on all of the smaller cats

 Letter To Management

September 11, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam:

Okay, first of all, nobody told me this Irma was a hurricane. I demand extra chicken for this oversight.

Second, when I find out who it was that woke me up by shouting they were holding my favorite vet hostage just to get me to peek out of my den in the blinding rain, they will pay. Off with their head for this horrible joke – after they bring me extra chicken for this, too!

(Dr. Justin, you are forgiven for calling me out. I know you would only do that if it was necessary, and I didn’t mind peeking out to see you.)

Now that this blowhard hurricane has passed, there is debris in my courtyard. As Her Royal Lioness, I demand that my courtyard be the FIRST to get cleaned up today. And I demand extra chicken for the inconvenience.

And last but not least, I want to know why I wasn’t invited to stay in the Gift Shop with all the rest of the animals. This is discrimination, and I just will not have it. My friend, Amanda Tigress, has suggested that I call the ACLU (Animal Civil Liberties Union) and Kats, Catz, Morekatz & A Rat to file complaints. If you want me to overlook this slight and not file, I demand extra chicken. (This is not to be construed as a bribe.)

As a matter of fact, to make things easier, why don’t you just back the chicken truck up to my enclosure?


HRL Nikita Lioness
(Sent via Lori D., Secretary to the Cats)

 Viewer Videos From

Checking on Tiger Lake

Itsy bitsy spider repairing his net

In the eye of Irma

Irma hitting Tiger Lake

ClipArt film Viewer Videos from the Day Before

Breakfast is just around the corner

A little Cooper cuteness

Pre Irma enclosure check

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