September 13 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Sad, sad news about our precious JoJo

Male  1/1/03 – 9/13/17
Rescued 9/1/13
Caravel (Caracal / Serval Hybrid)


9/13/17  This morning JoJo was laying on his side, unable to move anything but his eyes.  Jamie rushed him to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to see Dr. Justin.  The ultrasound of JoJo’s heart indicated that it was not able to contract normally, which was cutting off circulation to all of his limbs.  All of his major blood vessels showed little to no blood flow.  There was nothing we can do to repair his failing heart, which is likely malformed, like most of his other organs, due to the un natural cross breeding of serval to caracal, so we made the sad decision to euthanize.  When Dr. Justin gets off work today he will come to the sanctuary to do a necropsy to see if there is anything more we can learn from the situation.  Hissy and he was, JoJo was much loved here and will be missed.

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Irma clean up:  Day 1

Very low on volunteers today but we got lots of work done!

Aleesa and Alyssa cleaned Tiger row, Outback and Leopards!

Michael and Sharon D cleaned Cougars

Pierina, Steve, Romina, and Fred cleaned Small Cats

We have picked up a lot of branches from behind the barricade while cleaning and moved them to the tour path for pickup.

A few partners and keeper volunteers helped in the afternoon when we needed to pick up branches and tree logs.


2017 Top Rated List

From Great Non Profits to Big Cat Rescue:

Congratulations! Big Cat Rescue, Corp. has earned a spot on the 2017 Top Rated List! Your community has shared their inspiring stories about your work. We congratulate you on all of your accomplishments.  You’ll be featured on our site, our 2017 Top-Rated List, and distributed to media and corporate foundations. The official 2017 Top-Rated List will be announced after October 31.  See the others here:


Hurricane Irma Updates

Go to for new video and photos from the storm and clean up.


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