September 15 2017

Hurricane Irma crashes tree down on gift shop

Big Cat Updates

Today the bobcat and cougar we were sheltering during Hurricane Irma went home.  Catching them was surprisingly easy.  Bobbi was sitting in her crate, which we had strapped up high on the wall of the cage, because she loves being up high.  We just shut the door and she was captured.  Kathryn has been working with Panther every day, to get him to follow her for food, and she let him right into the transport.


Wonder what Big Cat Rescue looked like in the early morning light after Hurricane Irma ripped through Tampa? Watch and see. Find out more at

We sheltered a bobcat and a cougar during the storm and returned them today.  This video is their arrival and departure.

Max Bobcat TeeLove Max the Bobcat?  Check out his cool new tee.  If you buy one, and only if you buy one, please leave us a review on Amazon as it helps us rank better.  Amazon doesn’t pay attention to reviews that are not associated with real purchases, so please don’t try to game the system for us.

Amazon Smile

Supporters who signed up for Amazon Smile have generated a rather amazing $20,000 for the cats this past year at NO COST TO THEMSELVES! Amazon’s privacy policy does not let Amazon tell us who you are, but we would like to know so we can publish a list to thank you.

If you are a current Smile for Big Cat user please let me know or email If you are not yet helping in this way, please visit to learn how.

And please tell your friends!  Thanks again to those who are already a part of this huge help to the cats!


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