September 16 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Big Cat Act teeFilm Crew added a new post to Important Info » Important Updates:  Friday September 15

-There were no tours today, so we got a few odds and ends projects done.  Tours have been slow since the hurricane.  A bunch of carriers were cleaned and put away.  The black fold down dog crates that are on the cleaning slab are clean and can be put back in the emergency response trailer.  The cage with the hay, 2 carry poles, clip gates, and push poles can be cleaned and put away.  -Steve and Michael fixed the barricade by Apollo, and made a barricade coming out of the new backyard entrance keeping guests away from all of the bobcats there.

-A truck worth of sticks were picked up this morning, but there are many many many more to be picked up!!!!

-The ply wood was put on top of the small freezer.  Josh will be taking the wood off of the top window of the Windsong Hospital on Monday.

-Be sure coordinators that are on duty when Michael Heap is getting sign offs are signing his sheet.  There are a lot of blanks on his page labeled with the name of the coordinator we need signatures from.

All of the cats ate great today!!  Cameron has been especially hungry lately.  He has been very motivated in the morning, and chased my golf cart for food this evening and ate everything I had.  I hope he keeps it up!

Hospital Cats:

Taking Will off the supplements to see if he will eat better.

Babycakes the African Genet is doing well.  He is enjoying his fleece bed and air conditioning!

All of the hospital cages were fully cleaned today and the recovery hospital was swept and mopped.

Carole's note 9/16:  I think there are no kittens in the Kitten Cabana today because the Ops Mgr was trying to give Interns the weekend off, after they really did above and beyond before, during and after Hurricane Irma.

Lynda Surrounded by Hungry Tigers!

It was quite the scene to walk up on Big Cat Rescue Volunteer, Lynda, to see her completely surrounded by hungry tigers. She was feeding Zeus Tiger his evening meal and trying to get eye drops in his eyes, while the Texas Tigers, Arthur, Andre and Amanda circled in from behind.

Don't worry though, we never touch the big cats; nor go in their cages with them because that would be stupid and really send the wrong message. She was in the safe space between two enclosures. It just looked crazy from the road.

Help out at at no cost to you!

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