September 17 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Zeus Tiger wouldn't get up all day to eat or drink and we thought it was the end of the line for him. He's 21 and has been in kidney failure for a long time. At the last minute, Zeus showed us some will to live, and a reason for him wanting to stay in his dark den all day, so an emergency procedure to remove his ruptured eye was performed by Dr. Liz Wynn and Dr. Tammy Miller. This is a graphic video and not for the faint of heart.


Morning update:  He's still very groggy this morning, but he has a lot of pain meds on board.

This is a camera on the hospital cage where Zeus Tiger is recovering.

Angie Gabor added a new post to Important Info » Important Updates:  Saturday 9/16/17

We had a great day today!!! The inters were able to get a day off to do fun things after lots of hard work last week.

We had lots of volunteers eager to help!! Lots of branches and debris was picked up. Thank you to Lacy, Mary G, Bridget S, Sarah C, Kristen, Maureen and Lynda for coming in to help us get back in clean order.  Still lots more to be done.

We had awesome Red, yellow and green volunteers that helped feed and clean the sanctuary.

Everybody ate pretty good today.



Partner Update

Hello All,

We weathered the storm fairly well, but we still need to put some things back in place.  We need to put the signs back in the parking lot, they were stored in the shed for the storm.  We also need to put at least one of the tables back in the backyard so that we can easily collect the voxes after the tours, these were put in and behind the ecenter.

All of the batteries in the vox systems got changed yesterday.

I am expecting some orders to come in soon and the labels for these are in the yellow folder next the printer and the computer tower in the mailroom.  Please DO NOT put any items out for sale until they are ALL accounted for.  Write any discrepancies on the packing slips and put them in my mailbox.

There are boxes on the table by the window in the mailroom that need to go to food prep and possibly the ecenter.

Please rearrange the breakroom coffee area, it is becoming overwhelming on the top of the counter. You can consolidate the wristbands into bags and use some of the drawers to store the cups/lids/kcups.

Hopefully we will get a coke order on Wednesday, but it may not happen if they don't have enough product currently, so restock the coke machine as best you can until I can get more in.

Please make copies of the order inserts and cut them in two so that we have plenty to send out.

Andy set up a chromebox computer behind the counter so that we could print the sponsor photos, I have spent all weekend downloading and sharing the files only to find that I can't reliably edit them on that computer. We only have a few so I will look at it again on Wednesday with fresh eyes, right now I am too exhausted to deal with it anymore.  I may have to replace it with a small desktop tower.   I have also placed the files for the information to go along with the various passes that we are sending out and those can be printed easily from the chromebox to the little white printer behind the counter if you need more of them.

In the cleanup from the storm somehow the front bricks now have several white drops all over them.  Can someone or a few people please wet the bricks and see if that will scrub off? ....I think it may be from the sandbags so it should come up easily.

They will be fixing the awning in the backyard in the days to come so that moves back to normal, once it dries out some we can move some of the benches back into place on the far side.  Currently we are playing the rules inside.  We don't have that many tours going out so it is working well.  September is historically our slowest month so I guess this is the opportune time to have these issues.

We are getting LOTS of items from our wishlist because our supporters are AMAZING!!  Please open these boxes and distribute them accordingly.

We are continuing to move forward with the progress for the new gift shop.  We will have a project day on Thursday to move the shelves out of the shed. Please continue to restock the gift shop as needed, keep in mind some items have moved into the store rooms of the new gift shop.

Please pray that Tropical Storm Maria which is supposed to become a hurricane soon doesn't take the same path as Irma which is how it is projected now.

Thanks so much for all of your hard work and dedication to our cats.  Have a great day.  For the Cats,  Honey Wayton


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