September 21 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Alexa Flash Briefing

Coordinator Report - Afton Tasler

Today was great, and the big cat keepers saw the call for help and came in to help clean and do some projects around the property.

Sarah B and I got a bunch done off of the maintenance list. Max and MaryAnn got a new water bowl, and Tiger Lilly did as well.  While we were in Tiger Lilly‘s enclosure, we noticed her lockout side was very overgrown and she didn’t have a good path to get to her lockout.  So we made her a couple paths by pulling a bunch of weeds and ferns.

Sioux and Lakota’s enclosure was dirted to cover the chain-link by the dens. We got all this done while dodging a crazy rainstorm.

Coordinator Report - Lauren Grant

Good day, today! (even though it was crazy hot)

Lots of enrichment and operant sign-offs were done.

The interns and partner trainee Jeff started working clearing the maintenance chart of things like dirting lockouts, pulling burr and nightshade plants, fixing barricade fencing, ect. While they were working on those things they were also trimming palmettos around some of the enclosures. There is still more to do, but they got through a lot today.

The nets and den on the slab outside food prep were cleaned and need to be put away.

Keisha was moved into the enclosure between Kali & Gabby. She definitely seems to remember being in there, since she already started playing the pools and playing with the big red ball :)

Everyone ate pretty well today.

That's about it

-Lauren G

Jaguar VS Turkey Drum - Manny the jaguar LOVES turkey drums, but will he attempt to get one out of the tree? Watch and find out! Previous Highlights

Awe, Stretch, Snuggle, get comfy, and IGNORE THAT ALARM CLOCK!

What could possibly be more adorable than a sleepy kitten? FIVE sleepy kittens!!

Andre Tiger Swimming in the Vacation Pond

Big Cat Photos

So many fantastic sunsets!  I love Florida!  -Carole Baskin

Carole is so sneaky with her camera! LOL. I love working in the Memorial Garden. It's very peaceful and an honor to be amongst these magnificent animals past and present. Barbara Nicholas

Priya tiger loves blood sicles on a hot Florida day!

Ariel bobcat ❤️

Good Morning Kisses and snuggles with Max & Maryann Bobcats ❤️

Good Morning Kisses and snuggles with Max & Maryann Bobcats ❤️

Keeper Marie & Cameron Lion

Putting together the tunnel

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