September 23 2018

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Alexa Flash News Briefing

Coordinator Report - Lynda Licht

We had a lot of fun and laughs today, as well as getting a long list of tasks done.

2 Interns continued training in feeding and got signoffs on routes. Then throughout the day, both interns and volunteers got needed signoffs in enrichment and operant. So the lucky recipients of all those treats and goodies were the cats, which were very grateful for all the attention today.

Our Sunday red brigade of Dede, Candice, Mai, and Stephanie got the day started cleaning the golf carts and running errands around the property.

We had enough cleaners and partners in the gift shop that the interns could focus on food prep in the morning and got it all done by noon. Abby, Dylan, and Tanya also did a lot of weed-whacking from the kitten cabana down the road all the way to Beacher. Mike picked up the piles of sticks/branches. MC was also here mowing and weeding so the main drive looks great.

Kathryn and I put two large water buckets in the back bubbles for Amanda and Andre. Now they have access to clean water in each section. Andre was impatient and kept putting his head in the bucket as Kathryn was filling it. Silly tiger.

The rest of our amazing volunteers focused on cleaning up and organizing around food prep. The shelves area with the cleaning buckets was tidied up and looks great. The shelves in food prep were also organized with supplies grouped together so it's easier to see what we may be running low on.

The rat patio was cleaned and the rats got a new fan that was generously sent to us from a wish list donor.

Austin deep cleaned the fan unit inside the cooler and it is looking and running great. All the feeding and operant sticks were sharpened and a few other things were done. Lastly, the laundry that we got done was put in the back of the hospital.

At the end of the day, a guest got stuck in the mud on Easy Street so Alec and Austin and Kerry went to help. The driver gunned the gas, so they got totally sprayed with mud. We all had a good laugh as Abby hosed them down. All in a day's work here at Big Cat Rescue.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work and making this such a fun and productive Sunday. (even Hoover came over to take his meds from me!!)


Volunteers working for the cats they love.

Volunteers working for the cats they love.

Volunteers working for the cats they love.


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