September 24 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Keeper Sue Messineo's Coordinator Report for Saturday, 9/23/2017

We had some extra volunteers today so thanks to Mark, Barbara and Sebastian a lot of branches were picked up (more to do), both hospitals were cleaned as well as the cages that were in the hospital. There are still a couple out on the platform by Seth that need to be cleaned. They also put the canvas back on the metal frame by volunteer parking and got rid of the trash at the party house.
Picky cats ate ok today.
It was a great day at BCR

clipart lynx leaping Bobcat Rehab Cooper

Big Cat Friends, Susann Mesna & Ruxandra Nicole, got some adorable photo and videos captures of little Cooper.

Precious little Coop in a bug hunt

Cooper wakes up and moves to the den

Cooper bobcat bath


  Little Dove Bobcat has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

This is the most recent photo of Little Dove, taken the last couple of days. She LOVED her Coolaroo bed!!!

Jamie and Kathryn found Little Dove passed away this am. She looked like she passed away peacefully asleep in her favorite big den. As of her last exam she had end stage kidney disease so we knew this was coming but our hearts are still breaking.

Little Dove was our oldest bobcat when she died last night, in her sleep, in her favorite den. She was the last of the original 56 bobcats and lynx who had been rescued from a fur farm in 1993. She died on the first day of the Cat Summit at the Jackson Hole Film Festival where 650 non profits and media producers have convened to work together to save exotic cats. I guess she just had to be here in person to witness it.

Those who watch our nightly walkabouts in Facebook knew Little Dove as the bobcat who loved her coolaroo hammock bed and who insisted on breakfast and dinner in bed every day. If you rode with us every couple of hours during the live broadcasts we did, patrolling the sanctuary during Hurricane Irma, you know that she was the one cat we worried about most, but she slept blissfully in her den through all of it. Her keepers loved her immensely and she will be greatly missed.

You can post your tributes to her at

We will leave the Little Dove Merchandise posted in the gift shops for a while.

ClipArt Cub in a cape Keeper Corner

Keeper Afton:  A couple of pictures of Babycakes the genet on his fleece bed before he went back outside.

Keeper Afton:  Cooper says "peek a boo" as I set up a camera on him.

Keeper Afton, Sept 19th:  Zeus took all of his meds today and ate breakfast and dinner. He must be feeling better!

Keeper Marie Schoubert:  Frosty Enjoying Funcation

Frosty Enjoying Funcation

 Valari Elardo, We Miss You

Valari Elardo will be greatly missed.  She loved these cats so much and was always a bright spot in my day.  She was quick to help, quick to encourage and I am absolutely stunned and speechless at hearing she has left us.  There are simply no words at this moment, my heart truly aches at hearing this news.  I cannot even think.  Her dedication and enthusiasm was truly contagious.  I cannot even imagine not seeing her in the big cat chats.

Valari is the one who organized the hours of prayer/meditation for BCR during Irma through the BCR closed group and was a big supporter of BCR. Her sister is monitoring her FB page and reading the condolences posted there so I am sure your kind words there will be a comfort to her family.  Here is the link to her FB page.

Clipart lion Facebook Fundraisers

WOW!!!  88 individuals used Facebook's Fundraiser feature to do fundraisers for the cats that ended in August.  Those 88 people raised $11,069 for the cats which feeds the cats for almost 7 days.  It is really easy to do a Facebook fundraiser for the cats.  Here is a link that has step by step instructions with screenshots.

  1. Zola Coleman $700
  2. Brian Scott $465
  3. Diana Jacobs $418
  4. Josie Beug Dvm $385
  5. Lainey Mangas $360
  6. Blake Gartman $270
  7. Wes Wakeford $260
  8. Mikel-Lari Danielle Couch $245
  9. Jake King $230
  10. VEnu ARuva $220
  11. Fern Lee $219
  12. Arik Bjorn $202
  13. Lona Bickel $200
  14. Tiffany Morgan $200
  15. Delaray Martinez $200
  16. Abigail Mcconnell $170
  17. Wendy Groomes $166
  18. Amanda Dreesen $165
  19. Albina Cat $160
  20. Beth Smith $160
  21. Turk C Rose $155
  22. Casey Trible $150
  23. Mikayla Forbes $150
  24. Kylie Bennett $150
  25. Ann Morales $140
  26. Gary Nelson $135
  27. Stacey Davidson $130
  28. Linda Krebs-Hoffman $130
  29. Oleg DanceParty $130
  30. Amie Titus $125
  31. Kaleigh Anne Mauroni $120
  32. Austyn Cougar Mott $120
  33. Bella Sanabria 120
  34. Ian White $110
  35. Louise Wozniak $105
  36. Rosie-Rose Aimable $103
  37. Brittany Person $100
  38. Lindsey Maris $100
  39. Michelle Martin $100
  40. Kelly Kreikemeier $100
  41. Katie Louise Taylor $95
  42. Victoria Pence $90
  43. Andrew Bradley $90
  44. Jeff Mccra $90
  45. Julia Elgin $90
  46. Linné Garrett $90
  47. Tara N Dion Albert $85
  48. Eduardo Castrillo $85
  49. Cathy Sell $81
  50. Meagan Stogsdill $80
  51. Xavier A. Maxwell $80
  52. Courtni Waggoner $75
  53. Shannon McKenna $75
  54. Peter Mikel $70
  55. Amy Schmidt $70
  56. Donna Lynn $70
  57. Wendy Nelson $70
  58. Heike Doiron $70
  59. Sebastian Barrera $70
  60. Ashlei Frank $70
  61. Amanda Cooper $70
  62. Cassie Teresi $70
  63. Julia Brezeanu $65
  64. Devin Tyler Smith $65
  65. Jemima Urban $65
  66. Cassandra May Olivares $65
  67. Clint Rudock $65
  68. Ligia Elena González Jácome $62
  69. Renee Montillo $60
  70. Kaylee Lyn Jenkins $60
  71. Rosaria Olga Silvana $60
  72. Will G Perry $60
  73. Austin Stewart $60
  74. Samantha Markun $60
  75. Ellen Tran $58
  76. Kellie Thommes $55
  77. Megan Jackson $55
  78. Isabelle Werder $50
  79. Leslie Greene $50
  80. Wanda Barker $50
  81. Gersan Ramos $50
  82. Mía Caamaño $50
  83. Nick Jr Villarreal $50
  84. Cheryl Hendrey $50
  85. Miricle Cataquet $50
  86. Vanessa Argueta $50
  87. Kara Mason $50
  88. Robin Green $50

THANK YOU to these 88 individuals, and their friends, because the funds they raised is enough to feed the cats for a full week!

 Viewer Pix

Here are a few photos from our wonderful online friends.  Did YOU Know? YOU can snap photos from the cats’ live streaming web cams?  Find all the web cams at  You can watch the cats, snap photos and post them online.  Join us on our Facebook page at or join the official Big Cat Rescue Facebook group at and post your snapshots there as well.

Big Cat Friend, Shawna Prested, sent in a photo from Big Cat Friend & Cam-Op, Holly:  Seth using a large leaf to shelter from the rain.

Big Cat Friend, Nicole Prince:  Seth

Big Cat Friend, Angela Aranghelovici:  Hi all! Like the big BCR nerd that I am, I undertook a small project of finding out how old all the current cats at the sanctuary are! So here is the list, from youngest to oldest :)

Under 1 yo - Cooper
1 yo - Nabisco
2 yo - Zucari, Mrs Claws, Kewlona, Dryden
4 yo - Smalls, Sioux, Lakota
7 yo - Nala, Cyrus, Max, Ariel
8 yo - Ginger, King Tut, Chaos
9 yo - Thurston, Lovey, Mary Ann
10 yo - Gilligan, Skipper, Will
11 yo - Seth
12 yo - Diablo, Ares, Artemis, Orion
13 yo - Andy, Hoover, Priya
14 yo - Mickey, Bailey, Sheena
15 yo - Anasazi
16 yo - Moses, Kricket, Nikita, Cameron
17 yo - Servie, Kali, Zabu, Keisha
18 yo - Sassy, Pharaoh, Zimba
19 yo - Joseph
20 yo - Gabrielle, Jade, Armani, Running Bear, Tonga, Little White Dove, Apollo, Andi bobcat, Sundari
21 yo - Amanda, Arthur, Andre, Mac, Zeus, Purrfection, Breezy
22 yo - Frosty, Reise, Divinity, Apache, Tiger Lilly
24 yo - Little Dove (Passed away last night)
22 cats are 20 years old or over that age! :O


WOOHOO!!!  TJ's books arrived at Big Cat Rescue!!  Honey and the pawsome volunteers in the gift shop are packing them up and sending them out today!



The Hardback has 40 pages.  The digital version shave 120+ pages with 170+ photos.

 Viewer Videos

Here are a few videos from our wonderful online friends.  Did YOU Know? YOU can capture videos from the cats’ live streaming web cams?  Find all the web cams at  You can watch the cats, capture videos, and post them online.  Join us on our Facebook page at or join the official Big Cat Rescue Facebook group at and post your snapshots there as well.

Big splash at Tiger Lake, Seth & Andy

Happy Andy playing in the lake

Being silly in the lake

Talking tiger, rolling tiger

You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh

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