September 25 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Zeus News!! We are going to start getting him used to the transport today with the hopes of moving him home tomorrow.   Someone asked about why he seems frail.  He's 21 which is twice as long as most tigers live.  When cats get this old they eat smaller amounts no matter how much we coax them to eat more, they sometimes eat small amounts.  Also, like humans or any other animals when big cats get really old they lose muscle mass, their skin gets saggy, etc.  No matter how great our vets are nor how wonderful their care is, old age and its effects on the body cannot be stopped.  Considering his advanced age and the horribly poor care he had prior to coming here, our precious Zeus has he is doing well. THANK YOU, EVERYONE, for caring enough to ask about this well-loved tiger.  We truly appreciate all of you who helped us keep an eye on him through the recovery web cam!  We also, appreciate each of you who donate to help us keep the hospital stocked with meds do many of these old cats need on a daily basis. Because of your care and support we are able to care for these cats in the manner they deserve.  Without YOU support we could not give the cats this level of care.

Jade was seen by the vets today because she's still feeling pukey.

Keeper Lynda Licht's Coordinator Report for Sunday, 9/24/2017

Today was one of those days at the sanctuary.

We started out concerned about Little Dove not coming out of her den. Later we learned she has passed peacefully in her sleep inside her big favorite den. At 24 she lived a great life here and was loved by all. A few of the other cats around her didn't eat well so I believe they knew something had happened to one of our own.

Also, I'm sure the viewers got a kick out of seeing Keisha almost tear down her lockout door from Jen. Obviously, she has been locked away from that section.

Coordinators - we think Babycakes won't eat when it is so hot out, so have the person doing the AM supplements bring out food to him and then the person cleaning can use a Date cicle (in the freezer inside food prep) to get him into lockout to clean.

So, a few of the green shirts had to cover tours or sign off Romina and Fred. Thanks to Des, Jen R, Sarah C, Edith and Cindy for handling all the various tours today. Also, Deidre, Sarah, Romina and Sharon D pushed out food prep. So, while they did that, we didn't get any projects done unfortunately.

Zeus is doing great.


Little Dove's Memorial Tee Shirt & Premium Tee

Little Dove's Memorial Tee Shirt is available in various sizes and colors.  I think Carole has covered everyone's requests on this.

Please continue to leave her tributes at because your kind words and thoughts of this precious bobcat has been a great comfort to her keepers who are missing her deeply.

Biggest Cat That Purrs And Meows

Kitten VS Fidget Spinners

Keeper Corner

Keeper Desmond Fowles: Cameron was saying. "I am on the lions platform and Bubu is on the tigers platform. Capiche.!"
Cameron was saying. "I am on the lions platform and Bubu is on the tigers platform. Capiche.!"

 Viewer Pix

Here are a few photos from our wonderful online friends.  Did YOU Know? YOU can snap photos from the cats’ live streaming web cams?  Find all the web cams at  You can watch the cats, snap photos and post them online.  Join us on our Facebook page at or join the official Big Cat Rescue Facebook group at and post your snapshots there as well.

Big Cat Friend, Mathew B. sent this photo in as a tribute to Little Dove.

 Viewer Videos

Here are a few videos from our wonderful online friends.  Did YOU Know? YOU can capture videos from the cats’ live streaming web cams?  Find all the web cams at  You can watch the cats, capture videos, and post them online.  Join us on our Facebook page at or join the official Big Cat Rescue Facebook group at and post your snapshots there as well.

Big Cat Friend & CamOp , Nancy B.: Nikita Lioness getting mad. Momma Becky had just given her a stick snack when she got really mad, don't know why but even her tail got yelled at.

Cute little Coop, BR September 25

Run Keisha! VR September 24

Joseph visiting

Keisha - stinky face and run

When you love a tree

 Honey's Gift Shop Update

This is Honey's note to the volunteers who work so hard helping keep the gift shop running smoothly.  Profits from the gift shop really help support the sanctuary.

Hi Everyone,

There are several small projects to get done...

Pam will love the fact that we will be marking down some tees. Please mark down the blue king of beards tee, they should change to $15.00 for Small-XL and $17.00 for the 2XL one. Then please put these over in the clearance rack. Please move the Tribal tiger tee to the long rack where the blue bearded lion tees were. We have two new tee designs to replace the two bearded lion tees. There are a few of each in the mailroom storage area. Please put the new tiger stripe tees on the end facing the register next to the periodic lion tees. Please put the new green lion tees on the four way rack where the tribal tiger tees were. The rest of the new tees are hung on a rack in the storage shed in the parking lot. You will need some more size rings which are in a bag next to the tees in the mailroom storage area for the long rack you are filling with the Tribal tiger tees and the new tiger stripe tees. If you have questions please call and I can help explain it.

In the black closet by the front door is a box with items that need to be put on display, the box is labeled with a post it note. Please put the more expensive jewelry in the counter jewelry display. There is a biniin the new gift shop with plenty of baskets that you can use for the bracelets. There is also a new shot glass for sale in that box. The rest of these shot glasses are on top of one of the mug bins in store room #1 in the new gift shop. A sign needs to be made for these shot glasses since they are a different price point than the others...they are $7.00.

In the storage shed in the parking lot the keychains and other items that were labeled last week can be put out. They are on the floor in front of the gurney.

We also need to restock items and clean while we aren't as busy this month.

No coke delivery this week, but we will have one next week.

We have moved LOTS of items into the new gift shop. All of the long sleeved tees and hoodies are in there. We have moved all of the stuffed animals into the last storage room (3#) The crazy cat lady stuff is also in there. The socks are in the middle room and the mugs and Snow Leopard Trust as well as hats are in the first store room. I will be making lists for each room once we decide exactly what will be stored there. Thanks for being patient and felexible during this huge transition.

We should have some more thank yous to send out.

We will continue to do gift shop projects to prepare the new gift shop on Thursdays so sign up if you can come in.

The TJ Memorial books came in and I started shipping them out yesterday...I got about half of them sent out. Karma I left some of the 11X13 padded envelopes on the counter to use for them, they fit perfectly. The rest of the envelopes are onthe bottom of the roling rack straight across from the mailroom. The mailman will probably need some help with all of the mailbins going out. There are a few of the TJ books under one of the mailbins for UPS. Please make sure our UPS driver gets them, thanks.

Have a great couple of days..... See you Wednesday.

Have a great day.

For the Cats,

Honey Wayton


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