September 25 2018

Big Cat Updates

Coordinator Report – Devin Saari

So many projects so little time!  Great day today lots of volunteers came in the help get feeding, cleaning, and projects were done!  Feeding and cleaning were done in a great time leaving plenty of time for projects and tours in the afternoon.  Aleesa worked on food prep this morning and was able to get it completed by lunchtime!

We had a good amount of volunteers to help with projects today. Redshirt Matt was a great help, he reorganized the scrap metal pile and worked in the rehab cage with Tanya, Mike, Bethany, Megan, and Dylan. They were able to mow and weed eat the entire cage so it’s nice and tidy for Alpha when she goes outside!  They also weed-eated and weeded around the white awning where we keep the blue buckets. We still need to remove some weeds from behind it.

Hoover ate a ton of food last night.  Keisha was being very picky not wanting to eat much today. She might be thinking about boys too much, but Afton got her to eat at meds time!

Lots of enrichment and operant was done today which means lots of happy cats and sign-offs for interns and volunteers!

That’s all for today!

Volunteers working for the cats they love.
Volunteers working for the cats they love.
Volunteers working for the cats they love.

Videos Of the Day

Bowl Of Cute! Can we all say, “AWE?”
Recorded from the Kitten Cabana webcam at

Bowl of cute

Bowl Of Cute! Can we all say, "AWE?"Recorded from the Kitten Cabana webcam at

Posted by Big Cat Rescue on Thursday, September 27, 2018

Morning Walkabout with Brittany

Q&A at Big Cat Rescue- Visiting some of our oldest and original residents and chatting with a lioness on her throne.

Going to see Natalia Leopard

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