September 28 2017

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Big Cat Updates

It is with great sadness that we let you know our beloved leopard Jade passed away yesterday afternoon. She was very old at age 20. Jade began feeling poorly this past weekend so she was sedated on Monday for an exam. Nothing too abnormal was found other than that she had a stomach full of food despite having not eaten for two days. She never fully recovered from sedation and was re-examined again Wednesday. The food in her stomach still had not digested. She passed away shortly after she was sedated. A necropsy was performed and nothing too abnormal was found. We've sent samples to the lab for analysis, which may or may not shed more light on her passing.

Run free beautiful girl! You will be missed greatly and loved forever.

 Art featuring Jade, by big cat friend, Cindy Arthur.

Letter To Management

September 28, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam:

I feel I must protest. Although I have enjoyed seeing Keisha across from me in the Vacation Rotation and having nightly conversations with her, I must point out that she has been there for THREE WEEKS now.

The stinky Texas Tigers have enjoyed it immensely and think she should stay longer; however, I must point out the obvious unfairness of this situation. When I take a day or two extra, I am shamed mercilessly. Yet she has gotten three weeks and everyone thinks she’s oh so cute, blah blah blah.

I call discrimination of the worst sort – discrimination of the species – promoting stinky tigers over lions. You must stop this immediately, or I will be forced to contact my attorneys and take legal action.

Furthermore, what was all this noise yesterday when Zeus returned home? I was napping so peacefully in my den and was awakened by all the noise. I was NOT pleased. I’m pretty sure our gated community has a noise ordinance.



King Joseph Lion
(Sent via Lori D., Secretary to the Cats)

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Keeper Corner

Jade and Armani a few months ago.  Video by Keeper Desmond Fowles

Keeper Afton:  You may have heard by now that Jade has passed away and is finally cage free. As operations manager on Tuesday's and Wednesday's, I was primarily caring for Jade her last two days with us. I am taking this very hard as I do not deal with death very well, and prefer to do it privately. That is why you did not hear it from me first. She lived a very happy life here at the sanctuary full of love and enrichment! Our promise to Jade is to take good care of Armani in her absence until they are reunited. Love always!!

Keeper Afton had her laptop and sat beside Jade while she worked to keep an eye on her.

Keeper Regina Rinaldi:  RIP LADY JADEY you broke a lot of hearts today. You always were my favorite sister. We'll give Armani lots of love. No more pain Jade. You went on your own time in your own way. I love you baby girl. Run free Jade. Just please give me a sign. Finally free.

Keeper Lisa Shaw:  Oh NO! My Baby Girl! Jade, sweetheart, I love & adore you always! Run & play free Baby Girl!!! ❤️???

Keeper Karma:  I'm shattered. RIP beautiful Jade. I can't believe you're gone. Run free, precious girl.

Keeper Nancy Spires:  Jade - I'll miss you sweet girl. So many fond and funny memories..... Why does it have to hurt so bad?

Keeper Erin Carden:   We will miss you, sweet and silly Jade, "seester" and I won't have as much fun without you. ??

Educational & Outreach Director Jennifer Leon:  I love my job, there's no question of that. I am beyond lucky that I get to help animals, teach others how to help animals, and get to work among them. Unlike most other staff members at Big Cat Rescue, my job doesn't involve animal care. But I still, in my own way, love and feel bonded to the cats who call our sanctuary home. The only thing I hate about my job is when we have to say goodbye.

Keeper Mary Streator:  You will be so missed sweet Jade. I will cherish our time together until we meet again. Run free like the wind up there as you so deserve  We all love you so much.

Keeper Lynda Licht: Armani and Jade. Jade and Armani. Two halves of a whole. Our world is split in two with the sudden loss of our lovely Jade leopard. We will miss her spirit and unique beauty. We will always remember how she enjoyed her enrichment. I will keep watch over my girl Armani and try my best to fill the void.

Keeper Lauren Buckingham:  I have no words ? Today my heart is broken and im struggling to process that you are no longer with us. When i was sat with you today i knew it was almost time, you were ready, but i couldnt bring myself to say goodbye, i wanted more than anything for you to be ok and prove us all wrong. You were so full of life, full of fun and im going to miss you more than you will know. Run free sweet Jade ❤️

Did you know, you can tributes for precious Jade, too?  You can leave your tributes at

Viewer Pix

Big Cat Friend, Cindy Arthur made a beautiful tribute photo for Jade.

Cooper cuteness!

But Karma, I am here! Can't you see me?

Karma and the kittens - part 2

Keisha enjoying the last hours of vacation

The gardener is here!

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