September 29 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Many of you have asked about Armani.  Armani is doing very well.  She is getting extra enrichment and the keepers are watching her for signs of boredom or stress but so far she is doing quite well.


ACTION ALERT! We need YOUR emails and calls today to the Georgia Mountain Fall Festival asking them to CANCEL the Nerger's Tigers circus show at their upcoming event.

Big Cat Rescue reached out to the fairgrounds manager about cancelling the exploitative circus show but received no reply. So we NEED YOUR HELP to politely email and call the festival.

Wording you can use/tweak: I believe it is cruel to exploit majestic big cats in a circus act at your upcoming Georgia Mountain Festival; tigers should not be used as entertainment. Please cancel the Nerger's Tigers show at your fall festival!



Call: 706-896-4191

Learn more about Nerger's Tigers and their numerous USDA violations of the Animal Welfare Act:

THANK YOU for speaking up for these tigers!

Facebook Live Replays

Quick Friday walkabout with Afton our media producer.

Afton posted a new video.  It explains the shirt colors the keepers wear.

When watching our videos, have you ever wondered why everyone has different colored shirts on? We explain what those colors mean in LESS THAN 2 Minutes

ClipArt Cub in a cape Keeper Corner

Keeper Marie Schoubert:  Armani being cute

Keeper Afton's Photo:  Armani's bloodsicle

Do YOU know what the biggest problem with bloodsicles is?  THEY MELT!!!!!

Keeper Afton: Sometimes the best therapy is kitten therapy!!

REPOSTED BY VEIWER REQUEST: Afton's clip of Tigers, Amanda, Andre, & Arthur

Family bonding time with the Texas siblings!

Cameron & Zabu are on Vacation

You can watch them streaming live 24 hours a day at

Zabu in VR taking a walk 092917

Cambu in VR snuggling by the log

Team Love

Run like the wind, Cameron

Stretch and yawn

No talking to the boys, Zabu

Going to check out the breakfast buffet

Zabu testing Cameron's tree

Bobcat Rehab - Cooper

Photos and Video by Susan Mesna

Too cute for words

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