September 4 2017

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Happy Labor Day!

Big Cat Updates

LaWanna has been sick and I just noticed that there hadn't been an update in 3 days, so here is my limited attempt:

Will, Divinity and Chaos are still in the hospital.  Chaos is doing great and will go back to her Cat-a-Tat soon.  Will and Divinity may be kept inside a bit longer as they are not doing so well when outside.

Lynda Licht added a new post to Important Info Sunday 9/3/17

Another good Sunday.   Overcast skies kept the temps down but we didn't have any rain.  Even Cameron and Zabu werefeeling a bit frisky with the slightly lower temps and were cuddling and chasing each other around a bit.

Lots of volunteers today so feeding and cleaning got done timely.   We were able to get Des a keeper tour signoff.
Keeper trainees that got here at 8:30 jumped on picking up the big pile of sticks that were accumulated yesterday.

Interns that weren't on 10am tours got working on Max & Maryann's front bubble.   In the afternoon, Sarah B was able to finish
the weedwhacking and pond plant removal so now there's just the long bubble to finish.

Honey kept Aleesa, Steven and Andy S busy in the new gift shop most of the day.  It's really coming along.
Rebecca also helped me with hospital cats and were were able to clean both sides of both Divinity and Will's cages.

Alyssa came in as a surprise at 1pm and she, Barbie, Rebecca and I busted out food prep while all interns were on afternoon tours.
ALL cats have a diet in their respective tub/bucket for ivermectin in the morning.

Rebecca also made more bloodcicles.

Interns got both enrichment and operant signoffs.

Afton Tasler added a new post to Friday September 1

As you saw on the update, Frosty went to funcation today.

Today Max and Mary Ann's enclosure got worked on, but still need a lot more work.  Mary Ann's lockout bubble was cleared out and the roof was cleaned up.  The only thing that needs done in that section is to take out the pond plants.  Please leave the vines that are growing in that section as they create shade.  The safety gate area still need a bit of picking up and the vine taken off the side.  Both other sections need to be fully done as well.  Please trim the tree in the big section where it has regrowth.  This is the small branches forming on the large one that is going though the side of the enclosure.

Also there are sticks and branches on the tour path that need to be picked up.

Max has been taken on the snack list as him and his lady are getting "fluffy".

Honey posted to the Admin Partners:

Hi All,

The weekend picked up and was pretty busy so we need to restock. The hoodies/kids tees/and long sleeved tee back stock has now moved to the new gift shop.  They are hung on displays in the storerooms on the right hand side as you walk in the front door.

I have printed a stock take for the 3D products. The "posters" are in the cabinets under where the TV is.  Please count all of the items and fill out the inventory then put it in my mailbox.  Several of the items are being discontinued so I want to make sure the totals are correct.  I will be ordering the new styles that they have soon.

We have lots of thank yous going out.  Regina Renaldi is coming in to help get the Thank Yous that we have waiting to be sent out.  I have ordered more Thank you cards.

Candy will be coming in Yay.  She will be checking out the voxes in my mailbox to see what issues they might have and help do whatever is needed. She shouldn't pick up more than 10lbs.

There is no coke delivery this week.  The last two counters for the new gift shop should come on Tuesday, they need to go in the new gift shop.  We have cleaned out most of the ecenter and started moving some storage items into the new gift shop.  We will be working on gift shop projects for the next few Thursdays so keep that in mind if you can help out.

We have a few private tours Monday.  I expect the afternoon tour to be fairly busy.

Feel free to check out the progress that we are making in the new gift shop.  If you haven't been in there and want me to show you around, just let me know.

I have several orders that I am waiting on to come in that we will need to label, I expect them any day so we may have items to label Monday or Tuesday.

Thank you guys for always being willing to help and keeping everything running smoothly.  See you Wednesday.

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ClipArt film

Reintroducing Our Caracals - Part 2

After visiting the veterinarians to get spayed and neutered, it was time for Cyrus and Chaos to be reunited for their first time since their rescue.

ClipArt film Facebook Live Video Replays

Mosquito Fish

Mosquito Fish from Oak Ridge Fish Hatchery in Plant City, FL

Litter Box Questions

Carole is doing some market research on litter boxes to design a solution that will help other pet owners keep their cats; rather than give them up for poor litter box habits. YOU can help by giving us some info on what works for you (and what hasn't too). Would you be willing to fill out this form to help?

Rescued kittens play and heal while they wait for their forever homes. Watch more at

ClipArt Cub in a cape Notice!

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 Did you know?

The Story of Jenny the Titanic Cat

Ships have kept cats on board dating back to ancient times. Prized for their ability to catch mice and rats, the cats also provided companionship and camaraderie for sailors away from home for long periods of time.

The Titanic was no exception.

The ship had her own official cat named Jenny, who was kept aboard Titanic as a mascot and also worked to keep down the ship’s population of rats and mice.

Transferred over from Titanic ’s sister ship Olympic, Jenny gave birth in the week before Titanic sailed from Southampton. She normally lived in the galley, where the staff fed her and her kittens on scraps from the kitchens.

Stewardess Violet Jessop wrote that the cat “laid her family near Jim, the scullion, whose approval she always sought and who always gave her warm devotion.”

So what was the fate of Jenny and her kittens? As it turns out, on April 10, 1912, at Southampton, England, as the first passengers were boarding for the ill-fated maiden voyage, Jenny was observed carrying her kittens one by one off the ship.

Rumor has it that Jim, Jenny’s unofficial caretaker, saw her leaving the ship with her kittens and saw it as an omen. He is said to have also packed up his things and left the ship after seeing her!

Of course this may be a tall tale, but we’d love to believe that a cat named Jenny saved all of her kittens and her human caretaker from the most infamous sinking ship in history.  More at

Clipart lion Viewer Photos and Videos

Sorry everyone.

 Big Cat Public Safety Act

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