September 4 2018

Big Cat Updates

Aphrodite was released back into the wild last week. (See more below)

Hoover was moved to the Tiger Lake enclosure next to Seth.

Texas Tigers went on vacation.

Nabisco went into the enclosure next to Mrs. Claws.

Zimba Serval moved and is now next door to Zucari Serval.

UH OH!! Someone Touched Nikita Lion’s Toys!!!

We all know that Nikita Lioness does not like people touching her toys.  However, while doing lawn maintenance in her open-air cage keepers “had” to move them around.  Nikita was locked safely away in one of her roofed cages, ‘watching’ her keepers’ antics.

Keepers playing with Nikita Lion's toys.
Keepers playing with Nikita Lion’s toys.
Keepers playing with Nikita Lion's toys.
Keepers playing with Nikita Lion’s toys.
Keepers playing with Nikita Lion's toys.
Keepers playing with Nikita Lion’s toys.

Bobcat Rehab News

Update from Brittany Mira 8/30/2018:  Aphrodite was released back into the wild last week. The reason we did not announce it or show it live was that there was a group of people that were putting her release back into the wild at risk.  We had the FWC come out and inspect her and they gave her the okay to be released, we finally found a release site and set her FREE! We were afraid they would interfere in the process so we didn’t broadcast it. Anytime that happens the safety of the cat becomes more important than taking photos, videos or showing it live. It was a very low key release but it will be featured in the next issue of The Big Cat Times. Run Free Sweet Girl!

Update from Carole Basking 9/4/2018: Jamie Veronica has taken little Alpha Bobcat to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay for diagnostics. We suspect some trauma to her jaw but had to stabilize her before we could risk sedation. Dr. Justin Boorstein has the tools there for repair that we don’t and we didn’t want to sedate twice.

Surane’s Animal World Featured Big Cat Rescue

I think Surane and his crew did a great job of sharing Big Cat Rescue’s mission. What do you think? – Carole Baskin

Big Cat Rescue – Animal Sanctuaries [Ep.8]

Over in Tampa, Florida lies what’s billed as the world’s largest accredited sanctuary for big cats. Big Cat Rescue is located on 67 acres of land, where more than 90 lions, bobcats, servals, leopards, and others get to live out their days in comfort. Most of these exotic felines were bred in captivity, and can no longer be released into the wild. This is the plight of so many exotics on display at zoos, circuses, and popular tiger cub photo-op businesses that don't have the animals' best interests, or rights, at the heart of what they do. The cats who’ve been fortunate enough to find their way to BCR are in some of the best hands the human world has to offer, with round-the-clock veterinary care and an on-site treatment facility. Carole Baskin and her late husband founded the sanctuary in 1992, after outbidding a taxidermist for a bobcat kitten at an auction. What began as an instinctual desire to protect animals has evolved into an education portal for the world to learn more about the plight of big cats in America. Offering paid tours to anyone interested in finding out how these majestic creatures could end up in Florida, BCR prides itself on leading the charge to get the Big Cat Public Safety Act passed in the U.S. Congress. If the bill were to be approved, a ban on ownership of all large cats in America would follow. To donate and learn more about the cats at Big Cat Rescue, visit FB: Big Cat RescueIG: @bigcatrescueTW: @BigCatRescue YT: footage kindly provided by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)…#Bigcatrescue #bigcats #exoticpettrade #exoticpets #exoticanimals #endangeredanimals #tampa #animalentertainment #performinganimals #ringlingbros #BarnumandBailey #circus #bigcatpublicsafetyact #bcr #lions #tigers #servals #leopards #cougars #bobcats #furfarm #bobcatkittens #bobcatcubs

Posted by Surane's Animal World on Sunday, August 26, 2018

September Big Cat Birthdays

MAC COUGAR 9/2/1996 age 22

Mac Cougar turned 22
Mac Cougar turned 22

MAX BOBCAT 9/1/2010 age 8

Project Thursday & Lunch

This coming Thursday, September 6th, will be a catch-up project day. We have a ton of projects to get caught up on so it will be a very busy day. We will be providing lunch as well from Which-Wich compliments of Deb Quimby one of our great donors and online volunteers. Big Cat Rescue and the cats have been blessed with the best volunteers, both at the sanctuary and online.

September Volunteer Anniversaries

Carolyn Thompson – 2000
Maureen Calderon – 2005
Stephanie Witherspoon – 2014
Danielle Wark – 2015

How Was Your Labor Day?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day!!

Today was a very productive day. We had lots of volunteers come out to help clean and feed and take care of the cats. The morning started with ivermectin which was very successful. The Windsong Hospital was swept, mopped and trash taken out.

Nikki Lion’s open-air section was mowed and weed-eated. The middle section of Max and MaryAnn’s enclosure was cleaned up and all the sticks cleaned off the roof of the whole enclosure. We got a lot of general weed-eating and mowing done around food prep, both hospitals, around the keeper cafe, down to the everything else trailer and around the white tent where the buckets are stored to the wire pile. The lake bank behind tiger row and the area in front of Seth’s enclosure were also done.

Cats with open-air section have been locked in their roof sections overnight as a precaution with the incoming storm.

Interns Tanya and Dylan arrived back today. Both did their map test and passed.

We need a fecal sample collected for Nabisco.

Hoover did not want to eat again today after numerous attempts, he also was seen on explore throwing up. We even tried going down the middle between him and Seth and using a ladder but he just moved and lay under the platform

Laundry from the recovery hospital was done and returned.

We sent out two private tours this morning but had to reschedule the 3 pm tour due to rain and lightning. Thank you to Pam and Mary for covering the private tours and Denny for coming to help with the 3 pm. A huge thank you to Vanessa, MC, Bethann, Rich, MaryLou, Cindy, Rosel, Pam, Mary, Denny and the all the interns for a fantastic Monday!!

That’s it from me 🙂
Coordinator, Lauren Buckingham

Volunteers working for the cats
Volunteers working for the cats
Volunteers working for the cats
Volunteers working for the cats
Volunteers working for the cats
Volunteers working for the cats
Volunteers working for the cats
Volunteers working for the cats

Mickey’s Memorial Photo Book HAS ARRIVED

Mickey's Memorial Photo Book
Mickey’s Memorial Photo Book

The first box of Mickey’s Memorial Photo Books arrived this afternoon. Here is a sneak peek. I did order a FEW extras, that should arrive tomorrow as well, so you can still get one while supplies last.

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