September 6 2019

Tiger Lilly Bobcat

Big Cat Updates

Max and MaryAnn Bobcat moved to a new enclosure.  This new space for them is as long as a football field has hills, dens, platforms etc.  It is where Ares, Orion, and Artemis Cougar lived quite some time ago.  These two comical energetic bobcats are going to LOVE this new space.

When 48 more viewers sign up for a 99cent a month subscription at Keeper Karma will sing, ON CAMERA, for Amanda Tiger. The keepers sing to her almost every day as it is something that soothes her. We are thrilled at Keeper Karma has volunteered to let Keeper Marie video it subscribers.

Alexa Flash Briefing


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Daily Memes & Quotes

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, ‘I’m possible’ “

Mems and Quote of the Day - “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, ‘I’m possible’ “

Happy Anniversary

Happy Rescue Anniversary to Kali Tiger!! Kali the tigress has called Big Cat Rescue home for the last five years <3

Happy Rescue Anniversary to Kali!! Kali the tigress has called Big Cat Rescue home for the last five years <3 Learn about Kali - Sponsor Kali -

Videos of the Day

Sapphire, the white tiger, runs and swims. What fun she had.

Merchandise of the Day

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1. VIDEO – Illithia Serval had to take a bath to dry herself off after she got wet in the rain!

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1. Video – Natalia Leopard is more interested in what’s happening than cooling off in her den with A/C.
2. Video – Gilligan Canadian Lynx is on the move after breakfast, but he’s minus his woo woo today!
3. Video – Just a quick look at sleepy Beacher Savannah!
4. Video – Kali Tiger is doing some operant conditioning with Keeper MC.

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Sample Keeper Moments Video – Sapphire Tiger ate too much breakfast!
(I think it must have been really hot the day this was filmed so she went in her den to cool off.)

Photos for the Day

Good morning Big Cat Rescue Friends! ☀️
Beautiful Miss Kali Tigress is coming your way to wish you a very happy FRi-YAY!! 🌻
Have a great day everyone!

Miss Kali Tiger welcomes you to Monday!
Kali Tiger

Servie Serval is catching a quick CATnap before the Keeper Tour arrives!

Servie Serval is catching a quick CATnap before the Keeper Tour arrives!

Gilligan Canada Lynx is watching out for the keepers to bring snacks!

Gilligan Canada Lynx is watching out for the keepers to bring snacks!

King Tut Savannah has the most beautiful green eyes!

King Tut Savannah has the most beautiful green eyes!

Handsome, green-eyed Simba Savannah is playing hide and seek with his keepers!

Handsome, green-eyed Simba Savannah is playing hide and seek with his keepers!

Jasmine Tiger loves a good mid-day soak!

Jasmine Tiger loves a good mid-day soak!

Manny Jaguar showing off his silly side <3

Manny Jaguar showing off his silly sideKristine’s Bobcat Rehab Overnight Kitten Report

MALACHITE – Malachite was also playing in the late afternoon before Aleesa came to clean. He was batting his stuffie around and playing the back section of his cages. Sometimes he just sits there and listens to the sounds around him and looks around. I’d love to know what he’s thinking about, lol.

After a bit, Aleesa came in to clean his cages and as usual, he ran into his hut. He’s so cute, peeking out from the opening watching what’s going on. After she had cleaned his cages and gave him fresh food and water, he came out after he was sure she was gone. He went right to his dinner plate and chowed down, then when he was done he covered up his plate with his blankets, lol.

Then he started playing like mad. He played with his stuffie, carrying it around and attacking and wrestling with it. He gives good bunny kicks to his stuffie when he wrestles with it, lol. He played with his hut and ran back and forth between his two cages, stalking his blankets, hut, and stuffie. I love when they stalk and then run and pounce, it’s so cute! He did that over and over for a while. When he would come from the back cage he would slide on his blanket, then attack his stuffie.

He played with his scratching post, grabbing and biting it. He played for quite a while like that and then he settled down and sat at the end of his cage and looked around, listening to things. Then he went to his back cage and got all cozy for a long nap. He napped almost all night long.

He woke up a couple of times and looked around, I saw his eyes glowing back there, lol. One time that he woke up he played for a short time with his stuffie, then went back to napping. As I write this, I see him back there somewhat behind his hut, bathing himself. He has to get all nice and dapper for his breakfast and playtime this morning. He is a cutie pie!

FLINT – I don’t have much of a report for precious Flint this morning, because the adorable little stinker unplugged his cam right after he got back in his room from his late afternoon Bemer treatment. Before Aleesa came in to clean his room and give him his Bemer treatment, he was running around playing, batting his toys all over.

When he got back into his room, as usual he was so excited and checked all of his stuff out, then started playing up a storm. He was running all over and jumped up on the carrier holding the camera, then he played back there and that’s when he unplugged his camera. Silly boy! He’s just too adorable for words!!! 🙂

I didn’t get any new photos of him before he unplugged his camera, so I enclosed a couple that I haven’t shared yet.

ASH and CINDER – In the afternoon Ash napped behind the den in the front section for quite a while and Cinder napped up on top of the den. Later Ash woke up and got up on the den with Cinder for a bit, then he was off to wander around. Cinder joined him after a bath and they wandered around the enclosures together.

They saw the squirrel going up and down the tree and went over to the corner by the water bowl to intently watch it. They were so cute, both sitting there with their ears perked up. They sat there for quite a while and then when the squirrel was out of sight, they started to wander around again.

Cinder paced the fence for quite a while and then she went to the middle and back sections to find Ash. They were nowhere to be seen so they must have been in their secret napping spot. They were back there well into the night.

Later, Cinder came up to the front and wandered around a bit, then lounged by the coolaroo for a while. Then she went to the middle section and returned back up front Ash. They wandered around and then wrestled on the coolaroo for a short time, then Cinder went back to pacing and Ash bathed on the coolaroo.

They wandered around for a bit in both front sections, then they started playing, they wrestled on the ground some more and zoomed all over, chasing each other back and forth, looking like little blurs flying through the enclosure. They bounced off of the hanging shelf and den, while zooming around. After they stopped playing Cinder went back to pacing the fence and Ash disappeared into the middle section.

Then after a bit, Ash came back up front and they zoomed around some more and played on the hanging shelf. Then Cinder paced some more while Ash wandered around. As it got light, they moved to the left front section to lounge on the hanging shelf. As I write this, they are both still on the hanging shelf lounging together. They are so adorable!

Goodnight Big Cat Rescue Friends! 🌙
Lakota Bobcat wishing you a relaxed
Friday evening!

Good night Big Cat Rescue Friends! 🌙 Lakota Bobcat wishing you a relaxed Friday evening!

Yesterday’s Big Cat Updates

Did you catch yesterday’s Big Cat Updates?
What did you miss out on?

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