September 7 2019

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Big Cat Updates

HOOVER TIGER LAB RESULTS: Hoover’s mass is called a squamous cell carcinoma. This is a malignant type of cancer which means it can spread. Our pathology report says that all of the cancer was removed, which is great news. But, this type of tumor can recur.

Daily Memes & Quotes

“If you want peace, be calm.
If you want love, be loving.
If you want kindness, be kind.”

Memes and Quote of the Day - “If you want peace, be calm. If you want love, be loving. If you want kindness, be kind.”

Phone2Action - Have YOU Called This Week?

Are YOU DOING YOUR PART? Would you make a simple phone call if you knew it could save lives?

Getting The Big Cat Public Safety Act passed into law will save big cats from a life of abuse, neglect, and deprivation. It really is a simple phone call. You can even call after hours so you only have to leave a message.

Don't know what to say? Don't let that stop you because the very short simple wording it posted at Seriously, what could be simpler?

Here is the Phone2Action Call of the Wild weekly report for August 30th thru September 6th. It is great to see Florida, Maine, Missouri, California, Texas, and Michigan on this Top Five List. We would love to to see YOUR STATE on here as well. YOU can Make That Happen by going to and making the Call of the Wild this week and by encouraging your friends and family to do so as well.

Phone2Action Weekly Report

Coordinator Report - Sue Messineo

Ooooo boy did it get toasty today! Big huge thanks to Rich for giving the feeding tour, as is usual on Saturdays. Also for feeding, cleaning, keeping the water pumps running, handing out AM and PM supplements, and for changing the air filter in food prep.

Thank you to Maureen for feeding, training Barbara Ann, giving the keeper tour, and stocking the fridge with cicles. Thank you to Babs for feeding and cleaning. Thank you to Amanda for feeding, cleaning and doing food prep. Thank you to Barbara Ann for feeding, being the guide for the feeding tour, cleaning and helping with food prep. Thank you to Andrew for coming in to feed and clean. Thank you to Kristin for coming in to clean. Thank you to Becky for taking care of our rehab Bob's.

And a big thank you to Steph C, who came by to take some pictures but stayed to help with food prep and intern chores. It was a great day at BCR!

VolunteersVideos of the Day

CATurday Walkabout to see cats at Big Cat Rescue. Enjoy a fun, informative walk about the sanctuary with Aleesa and Andy to see and learn about the cats of Big Cat Rescue. See more CATurday Walkabouts at

Big Cat Rescuers head out to save another big cat who is in “witness protection”. That’s about all we can say, other than to thank everyone who makes these rescues possible.

Letter from a Big Cat Friend

Hey Carole :)

Just thought I'd let you know. My Church is having an outdoor Mass & BBQ next week. Among the features is a petting zoo. I voiced my opinion and did my best to explain how stressful this is for the animals, regardless of what animals are involved.

Next day the secretary got back to me & told me they are canceling the petting zoo! I was astounded at the immediate response I received. Plus it was the first time I had ever spoken up. I guess we can all make a difference if we try.

Carry on your work with Big Cats, you guys are doing an excellent job. And I sent you $20, not much but I know every little bit helps.

Peace & God Bless
Paul G

Merchandise of the Day

Isn't Frankie Bobcat the cutest?!? Artist Cindy Arthur brought his adorable portrait to life for our Amazon store!

Frankie Bobcat now has his own line of merchandise

Frankie Bobcat now has his own line of merchandise

Please make sure you check the Size Chart for Amazon because sizes may run differently than you are used too.

You can donate to the cats at NO COST TO YOU when you select BCR as your charity on Amazon Smile and shop instead of It is exactly the same as regular Amazon EXCEPT when you use the Smile URL Amazon donates .5% of your purchase to BCR. It's added up to over $100,000 for the cats!

Unique charity link

Letter To Management

September 6, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam:

Issues. I have issues.

1 – Camera Time. I am tired of hearing about Flint and Malachite and ooooh! aren’t they cute! Meanwhile, MY camera is still on Highlights on If He Who Shall Not Be Named (Randall M.) does not get my camera fixed in a timely fashion, he will hereafter be called He Who No Longer Has A Head. Do I make myself clear? Harumph.

2 – Manny and His Demands. He is still asking for fainting couches in preparation for the people he expects will pass out when they see him in person at the Walkabout. I understand his concern, because I always worry about that, too. In my courtyard, there is at least a hill they can fall back on when they faint. I would, however, like to remind the powers that be that I did request pillows for my subjects to kneel on when they come to adore me and give me their offerings of chicken. Also, don’t forget to install the freezer next to my courtyard; we don’t want any of the chicken to spoil.

3 – Spanish Lessons. Since Agador Spartacus is unable to give the female tigers Spanish lessons because of his schedule at The Birdcage, the girls have suggested Antonio Banderas, Enrique Iglesias, or Pitbull. I am attempting to contact them to see if any of them can fit in some lessons for our female tigers.

PS – Hoover, it will take a lot more than one chicken for me to lose the phone numbers and addresses of Antonio, Enrique, and Pitbull. Time to up the ante, entiende usted?

4 – Who is this Dorian that was threatening to visit us and stay for a while? I hear that he headed north instead. Good thing for him, because he didn’t even fill out one of my visitor applications. Some people think the rules don’t apply to them ...

I believe that’s all for now. Time for a nap.

Nikita, Her Royal Lioness
(Sent via Lori D., Secretary to the Cats)

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1. VIDEO – Magnificent Manny Jaguar is showing his teeth are stronger than that sicle!

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1. Video – Here's a quick peek at Smalls Bobcat on the lookout for anything that moves!
2. Video – Sundari Leopard just being her stunning and adorable self!
3. Video – Armani Leopard is napping under her platform!

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Sample Keeper Moments Video – Keeper Marie conversing with Chaos about the Caracal language!

Our cats come first as you'll see when Natalia Leopard isn't in the mood for company.

Photos for the Day

Good morning Big Cat Rescue Friends! ☀️
Miss Dutchess Tigress wishes you the happiest of CATurdays!

Good morning Big Cat Rescue Friends! ☀️ Miss Dutchess Tigress wishes you the happiest of CATurdays!

Manny Jaguar is the most intense cat ever!

Manny Jaguar is the most intense cat ever!

Nabisco Bobcat - just chillin’!

Nabisco Bobcat - just chillin’!

Beautiful Illithia Serval hiding out looking for something to chase!

Beautiful Illithia Serval hiding out looking for something to chase!

Miss Breezy Bobcat is watching the squirrels hanging out in the trees!

Miss Breezy Bobcat is watching the squirrels hanging out in the trees!

Sheena Serval enjoys getting tuna sicles from the Keeper Tour!

Sheena Serval enjoys getting tuna sicles from the Keeper Tour!

Beautiful little Lovey Bobcat waiting on enrichment from the keeper tour <3

Beautiful little Lovey bobcat waiting on enrichment from the keeper tour <3

Smalls Bobcat wishes you a good night!
Smalls bobcat wishes you a good night!

Kristine’s Bobcat Rehab Overnight Kitten Report

MALACHITE - Malachite napped in the afternoon and later played a bit in his back cage. I saw him back there bouncing around, lol, then his keeper came in to clean his cages. After he left, Malachite came out of his hut and looked around and found his food plate and covered it up with his blankets, lol.

Then he started playing up a storm. He played with his stuffie, batting it around and grabbing it with his front paws and bunny kicking it with his hind legs. His kicking is just too cute, he kicks with all his might, lol. He also does these little hops straight up in the air as he goes around in a circle batting his stuffie. It's so cute!

He played with his blankets wrestling with them and biting on them until they were all bunched up. Then he played with his hut, attacking it, biting it and moving it all over. He played in his back cage too and ran the length of his cages, back and forth real fast. He climbed the cage and tried to find a way out for a bit, then he sat at the end of his cage looking out and listening. Flint must have been playing up a storm too, lol.

After his long playtime, he settled down for a nice nap in his back cage. A little while later he was back up playing a little and going between cages, sitting and listening. He played in his water bowl, looking down at it and watching the water move, lol. He climbed the cages and hung from the top, then he wandered around his cages a bit, then he just sat in his back cage for a while looking around and then he came to the front, cuddled up on his blankets, bathed a little and then took a long nap.

Later he woke up for a short time and played in his back cage for a bit and then cuddled up again back there to take another nap. As I write this, he is in his back cage still napping. He is so precious!

ASH and CINDER – Ash and Cinder spent most of the afternoon and late afternoon lounging and napping in the left front section. Ash lounged and napped behind the den most of the time and Cinder was up on the hanging shelf. Once and a while one of them would go to where the other one was and sit or lay for a bit, then go back to where they were before.

Later just before it started to get dark, they got active and wandered around a bit, then zoom they were blurs chasing each other through the front and middle sections. They zoomed around for a while, sometimes stopping to check something out, then back to zooming. Ash stopped to bite and play with a log on the log pile, lol. They also played blanket monster with the Coolaroo again, the same way as always, with Cinder pushing on the canvas from underneath and Ash leaping and pouncing the top. So cute!

As it got dark, they zoomed a bit more, then saw something towards the woods and paced really fast along the fence. Then whatever they saw must have left, because they went back to wandering around. They wandered around and sat on the Coolaroo for a bit longer, then Ash went into the middle section and Cinder stayed in the front for a short time longer, to watch out towards the woods and wander around a bit. Then she disappeared to find Ash.

A little later I found them all curled up together napping in the front left section, by the pipe. They were so cute! Later they woke up and wandered around, then they started zooming all over chasing each other. They played like that for a while, then lounged by the Coolaroo for a short time. Then they disappeared into the middle section for a while.

Just before it started to get light they came back up front and paced the fence and then zoomed all over again, chasing each other. They bounced off of the den and hanging shelf as they zoomed through, lol. Then after they stopped playing, Cinder paced the fence and Ash wandered around. As I write this, they are still pacing and wandering around the front section. They are precious! :-)

***I don't have a report for Flint this morning. He kept unplugging his camera right away, after it was plugged back in, lol. After his keeper came to clean his room and plugged it back in, Flint had it unplugged within 30 minutes. He played up a storm right after he got back to his room. He is too precious!

Goodnight Big Cat Rescue Friends! ?
Beautiful Sundari Leopard wishing you a wonderful CATurday night!
Nite Nite Sunny!

Good night Big Cat Rescue Friends! ? Beautiful Sundari Leopard wishing you a wonderful CATurday night! Nite Nite Sunny!

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