September 8 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Seth will be locked in his roofed section for about a week.

Nikita Lion's webcam news but Randall Munsters: Been checking out the Infra Red lights on Nikita’s enclosure. The camera is functional but replacement parts are needed for the nighttime vision. Hopefully will have it repaired soon. Meanwhile daytime Nikita live will be up on yet.  Find all the cat webcams at

Coordinator Report - 9/7/2018 - Afton Tasler

We go through a lot of latex gloves for food prep, feeding, etc and a new shipment of those came in today. (This is one of those little ongoing expenses that most people don't think of when thinking about sanctuary expenses.)

Alyssa E. and the interns worked on the cage the Texas tigers will be going in. The two sections closest to the barn still need to be done, but the roof was cleared. The two sections before that one are done except for scrubbing the platform in the back and the taller platform by the stage. We had to wrap it up because the storm came.

Thank you to Mary Ellen and Tanya stepped up and were rock stars today!

Afton's Photos

Alexa Flash Briefing 9/6

This video is about 1 minute long and will catch you up on the happenings at the sanctuary that you may have missed.

Recent Keeper Anniversary Pins by Andrew Sardone

Amazing volunteers make the wheels turn and keep everything done for the cats and guest.  Big Cat Rescue could not be Big Cat Rescue without each and every one of them!!  We have truly been blessed with the best of the best in volunteers!!

K = Keeper and P = Partner

  • Lacy Benton - 4 years - K
  • Candy Couser - 3 years - P
  • Victoria DiGiacomo - 1 year - K
  • Bonnie Farago - 6 years - K
  • Michael Heap - 1 Year - K
  • Sherry Levesque - 13 years - P
  • Sue Messineo - 10 years - K
  • Brittany Mira - 3 years - K
  • Mark Mira - 3 years - K
  • Andrew Myers - 2 years - K
  • Megan Myers - 1 year - K
  • Mai Richardson - 2 years - K
  • Bethany Smith - 1 year - K
  • MC Streator - 3 years - K
  • Danielle Wark - 3 years - K
  • Stephanie Witherspoon - 4 years - K

Cat Photos for the Day

Sleepy Afternoon for Gilligan, Canadian Lynx

Canadian Lynx named Gilligan

Canadian Lynx named Gilligan

Gilligan was born approximately 1/1/2007 and was rescued out of the state of Kansas on 5/5/2013.

Gilligan was rescued along with Skipper, MaryAnn, Ginger, Lovey, and Thurston Howell.

Here is a video of that rescue. 

Hear Gilligan's Caterwaul call, it is one you will never forget and one you have possibly never heard before. 

Check out Gilligan's story at

Big Cat Facts - Canadian Lynx

Size and Appearance:  The Canadian Lynx is considerably smaller than its Eurasian counterpart, approximately half the size. Its fur is usually white tipped, giving it a frosted appearance, and is only indistinctly spotted. The coat color ranges from a reddish-brown to gray and also occurs in a rare “blue-lynx” which is the result of a genetic mutation.

They have a flared facial ruff, black ear tufts, and long hind legs with a short tail. Their large, wide-spreading feet are covered in fur, which acts like snowshoes, and are effective in supporting the cat’s weight on the snow.

They are often confused with their smaller feline cousins the Bobcat but can be easily distinguished by their tail tips. The tail of the Lynx looks as though it was dipped in an inkwell being black all the way around, whereas the Bobcat’s tail appears to have been painted black on top and white on the bottom.

Habitat: These Lynx are found in the broad boreal forest belt of North America.

Distribution: Canada, Alaska, and the northern contiguous United States

Learn more at

Joe Exotic Arrested for Murder for Hire

We are ENORMOUSLY grateful to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the FBI, the US Attorney's Office for the Western District of Oklahoma and the U.S. Marshall's Service for the many months of incredibly hard work that went into this investigation and arrest.

Learn more details at

Alexa Flash Briefing 9/7/2018

Carole explains the story above in her own words.

If you want show Carole some love and encouragement, please make the Call of the Wild this weekend at as that would mean more to her than anything.

Phone2Action Update 8/31 thru 9/7

Below is a screenshot of the Phone2Action report for August 31, 2018, through September 7, 2018, it lists the states in which viewers, LIKE YOU, make the most Calls of the Wild at  It also shows which legislatures received the most Calls of the Wild.

Is YOUR STATE or YOUR LEGISLATOR on this list?  If not, can you please set the goal to see your state and your legislator on here next week?  You can make it happen by making the Call of the Wild yourself and then asking your friends and family to make it as well.  That call is SO EASY to make at, we even look up who your legislator is based on your address, we look up their phone number, and even connect the call.  All you have to do then is answer the phone and read a line of text from

Seriously, it really is that easy.  Go to that link and at least look.

Phone2Action Weekly Update August 31 - September 7

Phone2Action Weekly Update
August 31 - September 7

L@@K What YOU DID!!!!  THANK YOU!!!

I want to take a moment to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to each and every one of you who take the time each day to share one of our YouTube videos onto your own social media pages/walls.  You are not only helping spread our message but you are also raising funds to care for the cats.

The cats have received $8,225.25 from YouTube!

Our YouTube video channels:


How to share a YouTube video explained in text and screenshot can be found at


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