September 9 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Andrew Sardone says that THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, we now have enough rechargeable batteries for the Vox boxes for the educational tours!  Your gifts of these rechargeable batteries will not only save BCR a literally hundreds of dollars but will save on the number of batteries being discarded.  THANK YOU!!!!

Coordinator Report – 9/8/2018 – Sue Messineo

We had a great day today! We had just enough volunteers to get feeding and cleaning done. Got some sign-offs done as well. Gave out a lot of sickles today, it was hot most of the afternoon until the downpour at about 4 pm. Rich did a great job getting Keisha to eat.

Photos of Gabby, Priya, Kali, and Manny getting their blood sickles.

Keeper Corner

The photos and texts below are from Afton’s BCR Facebook page.  Be sure to drop by and “Like” it so you won’t miss her fone keeper posts.

Babycakes has a new nap spot. I catch him napping on the couch in the sun every day in the late morning. – Afton Tasler

Babycakes Photos by Afton Tasler

I had to tuck the blanket under him because it was gaping so much. I didn’t want it to hurt his back. – Afton

Narla the Office Kitty:  I asked Narla to help me with the calendar, instead she decided to keep guard the annual appeal letters that Chelsea and Barb worked hard at sorting. Well, at least she is working! ??‍♀️ – Afton Tasler

Photo by Afton Tasler

More BabyCakes – August 22, 2018, by Afton:  Babycakes invited me into his “living room” for dinner last night because he didn’t want to come out of the crate, so I took it upon myself to sit on his tiny couch. ?

Babycakes and Afton August 2018

Babycakes and Afton August 2018

Babycakes and Afton August 2018

Babycakes and Afton August 2018

Babycakes and Afton August 2018

Babycakes and Afton August 2018

Christina J Rodeghier: Ninja Cat, attacking Afton Tasler, biting her ears and giving her a new hairdo. ???

Who all saw the attach of this silly kitten? He is a handful!

You can watch Babycakes, the kittens, Tigers and more on LIVE streaming webcams.  Find all the links at 

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