Siberian Tiger Quest

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Siberian Tiger Quest will make you cry and want to watch Bambi

Posted by: Jessica Rae

While we were worrying about anti-frizz hair treatments and the iPhone 5, an entire type of Tiger has been going extinct. Insult to injury? Unlike a Bengal tiger, the wild Siberian tiger doesn’t even attack/eat humans very often! Guys, we dropped the ball. Luckily, noteveryone did.

We know wild Siberian tigers are gorgeous, but did you know they’re almost extinct and almost impossible to find? A new season of Nature on PBS will tell you all about it in “Siberian Tiger Quest.”

The setting: Siberia, Russia (brrr.) The people: Biologist (or bear ecologist and conservationist, if we want to be picky – and I always do) Chris Morgan and dedicated Filmmaker Sooyong Park. The deal: Park has been hanging out for FIVE years, waiting to find these tigers that are almost extinct. He finally found some in 2005, and he captured the footage. What it shows is a story of three generations of tigers. Now, Morgan has joined Park in the hopes that he too might finally see a Siberian tiger in the wild before it’s too late.


The film airs Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at 8 p.m. (ET) on PBS (check local listings). After broadcast, the program will stream at

Via press release, a more detailed description:

Siberian tigers are extremely difficult to find. Their spectacular flame-colored, gold, brown, and white fur illogically helps them to disappear in the forest,

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