Siberian Tiger Quest

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One of the almost fully-grown cubs, Snow White, disappeared, perhaps searching for her own territory elsewhere. The remaining two, a male and a female, stayed together for some time, sharing their territory along the Pacific cliffs. Though Park hoped the male would replace his father, King Big, as the dominant male in the area, his fate was to die as his mother had before him, killed by a poacher. The remaining female survived through the next year, even producing a cub. But both fell victim to a harsh winter, leaving Parkdevastated at their loss, but filled with a determination to find the missing female cub, Snow White.

Using his knowledge of the ecosystem he had spent so long observing, so long becoming a part of, he was able to locate Snow White in a forested river valley he had never seen before. But first, he found her two cubs, playing by themselves in a stream. As they were lost and alone in the woods, he named them Hansel and Gretel. He built a tiny platform 15 feet up a tree and spent months again, waiting and watching through an entire winter, until he was rewarded with the appearance of their mother. Without question, Park had found Snow White.

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Morgan has the great good fortune to revisit these places with Park, retracing Park’s steps and hearing the stories of his experiences. He learns to think like a tiger, to see the forests with Park’s eyes, to “read the whiteb

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