Snow Leopard Cat-a-tats at Big Cat Rescue

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Snow Leopard Cat-a-tats at Big Cat Rescue

2008:  Our snow leopard cat-a-tat was built in 1997 and featured a freezer box that is air conditioned 24/7 where the snow leopards could choose to go when it got too hot.  They could also lay in the doorway (as cats are known to do) and watch the world outside while having the cold air blowing on them.  Vern cleverly disguised these dens to look like a rock edifice and because of the cold air blowing on the back side of the rocks, the cats would often lay on the ledges to enjoy the coolness, no matter how hot outside.

Snow Leopard on Cool Ledge11 years ago these enclosures were our most noteworthy and still offer more comfort than most, but due to their shape and location, there was no way to expand them as we have done with most of our other cat's cages. We have two snow leopards and three cage sections, but had no good way to shift the cats from one side to another.  In our last AdvoCat we reported the sad news that Shaquille, the black leopard had died and seeing his empty cage just broke our hearts every day.  We changed that sadness into something good for the snow leopards.

Shaq's cage was huge and had two sections so that he could be shut into one side while we cleaned or worked on the other.  It sat very close to the snow leopard enclosure. It only took volunteers a couple of days to join Shaq's two sections to one section of the old snow leopard enclosure.  Volunteers then spent days painting the cages, landscaping and hauling in logs and lots of stuff for Chloe the snow leopard to enjoy.  Finally the big day came for her to gain access to her new area.


Save Snow Leopards in the Wild!

Big Cat Rescue is the second largest retailer for Snow Leopard Enterprizes.  Goods sold through this program enable protection of the snow leopards in their native homes.

Just Click and $2 Goes to Snow Leopard Conservation

Starting May 1, 2008, for every new person who subscribes to the Snow Leopard Trust's free eNews, the Leona M. Geyer Charitable Trust will donate $2 to the Snow Leopard Trust for snow leopard conservation. They will also donate $0.50 for every new person who visits the Snow Leopard Trust's website. A lot of great things come with your eNews subscription: snow leopard updates, event notices, free screensavers, and awesome snow leopard photos.

This "tell-a-friend" challenge will run through November 2008, or until the Snow Leopard Trust earns $35,000. So refer your friends, your family and your co-workers and see how many people you can get to sign up to support snow leopard conservation.


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