South China Tiger, Cathay Gives Birth for a Second Time in South Africa

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South China Tiger, Cathay Gives Birth for a Second Time in South Africa

South China Tiger Cathay has again given birth in South Africa. This time two cubs were born. Cathay is rearing the cubs herself, and they are all doing very well.

Ms. Li Quan, founder of Save China’s Tigers announced today that the South China Tiger, Cathay, successfully gave birth to 2 cubs at 12:40 and 13:25 on 30 March 2008 at Laohu Valley reserve, Free State. This is Cathay’s second litter, having delivered a baby boy last November. The cubs were born under favorable conditions resulting in the mother accepting them this time. Both were very mobile and quickly suckled. Cathay looked after them with great care and licked them all clean. The gender, body length and the weight of the cubs are still unknown since Cathay is rearing these cubs herself and there has been no human intervention. Both the mother and the cubs are doing well.

Since November 23rd 2007, 3 South China Tigers have been born at Laohu Valley Reserve in South Africa and Madonna, the other tigress, is due to give birth in the next few days. It is a remarkable achievement for Save China’s Tigers and the South China Tiger rewilding and reintroduction project.

“The birth of these South China tiger cubs means that the rewilding project in South Africa has been a great success. It has strongly refuted those critics who declared the project impossible.” Quan said excitedly. “Facts speak louder than words.” Quan hopes that the birth of these new cubs will promote and hasten the steps needed to establish the Chinese Tiger Pilot Reserve in Jiangxi and Hunan Province of China so that these cubs could return.

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