Speak out against white lions on Letterman and Good Morning America

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This is an alert that Jack Hanna is scheduled to appear on David Letterman on May 10, 2006, and on Good Morning AMerican on May 11, 2006,  with white lion cubs bred at a private breeder/animal dealer’s facility from Indiana. These animals are not zoo animals, or born for any kind of conservation purpose, but born and bred by an individual person for nothing more than monetary profit. I understand these white lion cubs for $70,000 and up. He is inbreeding lions to produce a genetic anomaly for profit. This is unacceptable, and the public promotion of these poor creatures by Hanna under an educational guise is an outrage!

The breeder’s name is Kevin Chambers, and he is the VP of a exotic cat club that promotes big cats as pets.  http://thefcf.com/org/DirectorBios.asp?key=362
>From the FCF website: "Mr. Chambers founded the Zoological Animal Reproduction Center, which breeds various species of wildlife in addition to the exotic cats. This USDA and USF&W licensed operation specializes in breeding, brokering, importing, and exporting. Chambers has transported animals all over the USA and to and from over 20 different foreign countries, dealing with facilities from all venues: research facilities, domestic and international zoos, private breeders, pet owners, entertainers, and exhibitors."

Kevin Chambers needs to be investigated and shut down for exploiting animals and being a major player in supporting the exotic animal trade.  His address is 7816 N CR 75 W, Shelburn, IN 47879, phone 812-397-2302.  Jack Hanna should NOT be supporting private owners & their profitable underground exotic animal breeding trade in a public forum such as the David Letterman show. We need to send this message loud and clear.

I am asking for assistance from your group to protest the exploitation of these white lion cubs & promotion of exotic animal breeders such as Kevin Chambers  by Jack Hanna on the Letterman show and GMA. Please spread the word quickly, as this show is to air this upcoming Wednesday May 10 and the 11th. I would like to remain anonymous.

Thank you,

Stephanie  Stephanie Johnson ocelotluv@yahoo.com


You can send a click and send letter here that will go to the media that you select: 


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