Stem cell therapy for pets…

Stem cell therapy for pets…

Very interesting (but short) segment from Nightline on stem cell therapy for pets –

ets_0110.html. The stem cells are taken from fat cells and the company – VetStem – is reporting excellent results.

The Nightline story told of a Golden Retriever with hip displasia having the stem cell treatment for $2,500.00 instead of hip replacement surgery costing $10,000.00. It sounds very hopeful to me.

Another interesting story – from – shares what we already know…pets are good for our health.




At the end of the article, there is mention of how pets provide motivation in classrooms and better behavior in students.

Back when I owned my kennel, I had two students (dog obedience students) who were therapists and used their pets in their therapy practices. And I worked with a organization that provided work for mentally challenged adults. I had a young woman from this organization come to my kennel for a couple of days a week to clean dog bowls and various other little chores. She loved being around the animals. I’ve had the pleasure of having a 75 year old 4’7” lady bring her 100 lb. probably 4’ tall Irish Setter to an obedience class – the dog had never had any previous training – yet it was apparent he KNEW what to do. The dog instinctively knew to take care of his elderly mom. About six months after – I learned that the ‘mom’ fell and broke a hip and was put into a nursing home. The large Setter would not eat and was plainly depressed – until he began visiting mom in the nursing home. Yes, he was the perfect gentleman there as well. And the most amazing was a young girl confined to a wheel chair that brought her assistance dog to my obedience class for some refresher training. This particular dog had received a great deal of training – but there was something very apparent to all that no training provided. The dog had compassion. He just understood the limitations of his owner and knew to take care of her.

I guess my point today, is to encourage you to ‘do’ as much as you can with your pet. If you can take them to work with you…do it. If you can volunteer at a nursing home or school or wherever – take your pet and go! Our dogs and cats are so smart – and want to be included in our lives as much as they can. Get out and share that with others that perhaps don’t have the opportunity. Sharing your pet provides you with a tremendous reward.

One more story…years ago when my daughters were young – we lived in Louisville, KY – in a suburb called Anchorage. This little community was home to the #1 public school in Kentucky (elementary). Everyone lived in this community because of the school – there were $150,000.00 homes and there were $3,000,000.00 homes all in this same little community. Every year the school had ‘career day’. And every year I brought a dog and we performed for the kids (my daughters loved this!). Anyway…John Schnatter – aka ‘Papa John’ of Papa John’s pizza also lived in this little community and his children attended this school. He never came to career day – but he always sent top management to career day equipped with Papa John Frisbee’s and pencils to give to the kids. One year – the Papa John representative to career day came up to me and said…”ya know, I just hate doing this each year…even giving the kids Frisbee’s and pencils – they never listen to me…because I always have to follow you and the dog!” I took great pleasure in that.

So see…get out there and share your pets with others – you might just show up Papa John’s in the process!

Wishing you and your pet the best,

Susan Thixton

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