Story of Maya Cougar

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Maya Cougar only spent a year at Big Cat Rescue but she was such a special cat that she touched our hearts. Find out more at . Some of this will be very hard to watch and we debated if it should be shown, but decided that you should know just how awful a seizure is and how helpless we are to help a big cat when they suffer them. It's just one more reason why we should not breed big cats for life in cages.

There was only 35 hours from the onset of the seizures until she died and she was under the care of two vets and on anti seizure meds, pain meds and steroids. We have had other cats who lived for years after having seizures, so we were hoping she could shake it off if we gave her a couple days to stabilize.

Her necropsy did not show any reason for the seizures, but we do not have the tools or skills to dissect the brain, so that was most likely where the issue was.

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