Sykesville Circus is No Fun for the Tigers

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Even though a tiger charged, knocked down, and ripped open Brunon Baszak's leg during his tiger act in front of 400 people, he is still traveling around the country appearing at circuses and small hometown fairs with what he touts as a "thrilling and dangerous" wild animal act.  
His next stop is Sykesville Ag and Youth Fair in Sykesville, PA in August 2010.
Though you may think there are laws in place that would protect the animals in these traveling acts, in reality, there aren't.  Only minimal standards exist and enforcement is lax, meaning inhumane conditions abound.  For most tigers like these, life is spent in transport cages, traveling from venue to venue in their own waste, their only exercise being when they are released into a performance cage.
Not only is this a horrible life for the animals involved, the children who watch these "tiger taming shows"  become desensitized to the suffering of others, according to child psychologists.  Watching animals being hit, prodded, injured, and humiliated for entertainment is something we must end.
More about circus life here: Help Stop The Abuse Of Animals
Send a letter here to stop the circus from coming to Sykesville:

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