T Rowe Price Chooses Big Cat Rescue

Why T Rowe Price Chose BCR


Big Cat Rescue is such a unique organization. There isn’t any other organization out there that we know of that is so dedicated to protecting these animals. It’s saddening to think these cats are in such danger of extinction that our own grand children may never have the chance to see a live tiger or lion. These animals are exploited in so many ways. The lions and tigers are used as entertainment in the circus, until they get tired of performing and then most of them aren’t so lucky to end up in such a place as Big Cat Rescue. Every cat at the rescue was rescued from something. The lions and Tigers are mostly retired circus animals, the bob cats and many of the others were rescued from the fur trade. Some of the smaller cats and even some of the tigers were kept as pets until they got too unruly to handle. Big cat rescue gives them a place to live out the rest of their lives in peace. We really wanted to help out any way we could to do something for these animals, and what better way than to volunteer and give some of our time to help the organization out?

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