Thanksgiving Games, Freebies & Goodies

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated by many families.  It is a time to reflect and be reminded of the things we have to be thankful for.  we are thankful for and appreciative of each and every person who has put their kindness into action throughout the year giving gifts of time, funds and prayers to the big cats of Big Cat Rescue and around the world.   Below are a few little goodies to say thank you to each of you.

Make Your Child’s Personalized Thanksgiving Letters

Don’t send your child’s private information to a stranger on the Internet, that may not be safe! Instead, use this program to safely, easily and quickly create cute decorated and very personalized Thanksgiving letters for your children without giving their personal inforMation to a stranger over the Internet. This is a fully automated program.

The letters are original and not the same ole run of the mill ones currently floating about the Internet. Last year’s letters have been updated with better wording and more personlization options and new letters have been added. See more info and Screenshots

Free Big Cat Thanksgiving Kids’ Craft – Place Name Tags

Print this free Thanksgiving craft sheet and let your child cut out the place name tags and write your Thanksgiving dinner guests names on them. You children will enjoy getting to help prepare for the holiday festivities.CLICK HERE for more info.

Free Big Cat Thanksgiving Desktop Wallpapers

Free Halloween Desktop Wallpapers with big cat photos decoratively framed in Thanksgiving themed frames.

  1.  Decorative Thanksgiving Desktop Wallpapers Leopards Set 1
  2.  Decorative Thanksgiving Desktop Wallpapers Leopards Set 2
  3.  Decorative Thanksgiving Desktop Wallpapers Leopards Set 3
  4.  Decorative Thanksgiving Desktop Wallpapers Leopards Set 4
  5.  Decorative Thanksgiving Desktop Wallpapers Leopards Set 5
  6.  Decorative Thanksgiving Desktop Wallpapers Leopards Set 6
  7.  Decorative Thanksgiving Desktop Wallpapers Leopards Set 7
  8.  Decorative Thanksgiving Desktop Wallpapers Leopards Set 8
  9.  Decorative Thanksgiving Desktop Wallpapers Leopards Set 9
  10.  x

Free Thanksgiving Screensavers

 Thanksgiving Leopard Screensavers

  1.  Thanksgiving Leopards One
  2.  Thanksgiving Leopards Two
  3.  Thanksgiving Leopards Three
  4.  Thanksgiving Leopards Four
  5.  Thanksgiving Leopards Five
  6.  Thanksgiving Leopards Six
  7.  Thanksgiving Leopards Seven
  8.  Thanksgiving Leopards Eight
  9.  Thanksgiving Leopards Nine
  10.  Thanksgiving Bearcats
  11.  Thanksgiving Lions and Tigers

Free Thanksgiving Craft Printable- Leopard Bingo Game

Thanksgiving Leopard Bingo Craft Game you can download, print, make & play with your children or give as a Thanksgiving gift.

 CLICK HERE to see more screen shots, instructions and downloads.

Play Online Flash Thanksgiving Games

Here are some fun family safe online games for your family to enjoy.

 CLICK HERE TO GO TO THIS GAME In this cute little puzzle game you click on two items to make them switch places. Your goal is to get at least three like items in a row.  It is also a game of strategy because if you plan your moves carefully and get as many matching items as you can to ‘break’ at once you get higher points.

  CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS GAME Here is a free Christmas flash game where you look at two cartoon pictures carefully, find and circle the differences in the two pictures.  This game reinforces critical thinking skills.



Thanksgiving Crafts – Make Personalized Big Cat Bookmarks

L@@K –> 11 NEW Bookmark Programs Added For 2011

This fun Thanksgiving craft is for kids or adults, teachers, students, parents and more.  These cute little bookmark personalizing programs are very easy and quick to use. After you download the program and run a simple setup making your own custom bookmarks.  Each program features photos of a different big cat from Big Cat Rescue. You will use your mouse to drag and drop photos and Thanksgiving graphics onto the blank bookmark.  You can even type in your own text.  Once your bookmark looks just the way you like it, then you print it, punch a hole in the top and tie a piece of yarn through it.  All the big cat photos and Thanksgiving clip art you need for this project is contained within the programs.

  1.  Make Personalized Bookmarks – Thansgiving – Bearcat
  2.  Make Personalized Bookmarks – Thansgiving – Bengal Cat
  3.  Make Personalized Bookmarks – Thansgiving – Bobcat 1
  4.  Make Personalized Bookmarks – Thansgiving – Bobcat 2
  5.  Make Personalized Bookmarks – Thansgiving – Cougar
  6.  Make Personalized Bookmarks – Thansgiving – Geoffroy Cat
  7.  Make Personalized Bookmarks – Thansgiving – African Serval 1
  8.  Make Personalized Bookmarks – Thansgiving – African Serval 2
  9.  Make Personalized Bookmarks – Thansgiving – Snow Leopard
  10.  Make Personalized Bookmarks – Thansgiving – Tiger 1
  11.  Make Personalized Bookmarks – Thansgiving – Tiger 2
  12.  Make Personalized Bookmarks – Thanksgiving – Sand Cats
  13.  Make Personalized Bookmarks – Thanksgiving – African Lion
  14.  Make Personalized Bookmarks – Thanksgiving – White Tiger
  15.  Make Personalized Bookmarks – Thanksgiving – Leopard

Free Big Cat Thanksgiving Personalize Story Book For Windows

This is a windows computer storybook is about a a special Thanksgiving secret that a wise old cougar named Scratch, who lives at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida shares with a special little girl and with your child as well.  Scratch, the wise old cougar, shares his Thanksgiving secret in a fun, interactive and creative way that you and your children are sure to enjoy.  If you type your name into the space provided on the first screen of the storybook YOU will become part of the storybook.

CLICK HERE to see more info & get your copy free.


Free Big Cat Thanksgiving eCards

All of the photos in these free big cat eCards are of the big cats (and small ones, too) that live at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida.  Choose an animal below to go directly to that cat’s Thanksgiving eCards.

  1.  Bear cats
  2.  Bengal cats
  3.  Bobcats
  4.  Cameron, The African Lion & Zabu, The White Tiger
  5.  Cameron, The African Lion Has A Toy
  6.  Canadian Lynx, Shatia & Dances With Wolves “Wolfy”
  7.  Cougars
  8.  Fishing Cats
  9.  Cheetaro, The Leopard
  10.  Sundari, The Leopard
  11.  Hercules, The Snow Leopard
  12.  Bengali, The Tiger
  13.  Zabu, The White Tigress