The Bad Guys Are Trying to Organize

The following was posted on a breeder/dealer/exotic pet owner board.  The animals need your help against these kinds of abusers.  Please take the time to contact your lawmakers and let them know that wild animals do not belong in private hands.


So far, 2009 has had an overwhelming amount of proposed animal
legislation. Breeder bills, limit laws, BSL, MSN and other onerous
laws that clearly intend to prevent the age old lifestyle of living
with and enjoying animals.

Many people have asked us what they can do, how to change the tide.

It's impossible to know what any legislator might do when confronted
with an animal bill and equally impossible to know who should get our
votes and who should not.

SAOVA does a wonderful job of screening candidates for Congress, but
who is doing screening on a State and local level in YOUR area?

Voting Alliances/Coalitions in every state are the answer. There is
no better way to let legislators know that you are out there,
organized, watching them and asking questions. They learn quickly
that there are two sides to every issue, rather than to fall prey to
only one side – when they know you exist.

The Monthly National Legislation Report has a program to assist
anyone wishing to start such an alliance, with instructions (and
personal attention), from the ground up. We are not charging for
this effort, however, if you should hit the lottery, kindly toss a
few bucks our way for the program so we can continue to help educate
and assist others !

2010 is our last chance to act. We don't want to be wondering what
happened to our animals in 2011.


Ken & *L*
Monthly National Legislation Report
IRS 527 PAC"

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