The Tiger Next Door Film

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The Tiger Next Door Film

Thursday, 10 September 2009 GreenMuze Staff

Experts estimate there are more tigers living in private hands in the USA than there are tigers roaming wild in the world. The Tiger Next Door, directed by Camilla Calamandrei, is a look at the hidden world of captive tigers in America.

The Tiger Next Door focuses on the story of one man who has been breeding and selling tigers from his backyard in Flat Rock, Indiana for over 15 years. Daniel Hill’s dream is to make his fortune breeding stripeless white tigers, which is often at odds with the well-being of the animals and community.

The Tiger Next Door reveals what happens to Hill and his tigers when he loses federal licensing to keep captive wild animals, exploring his motives, his past, and the curious, ethically murky world he’s created in his backyard. With ramifications far beyond Hill’s compound, The Tiger Next Door highlights the connection between breeders and the near epidemic of captive wild animal ownership in the U.S.

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