Thought to Exist in the Wild

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Non-profit publisher releases new book exposing zoos



Contact: Diane Leigh or Marilee Geyer




"Finally, someone has the courage to question zoos. Animals in zoos

are not ambassadors teaching us about the natural world, they’re unwilling

prisoners, teaching us how we as humans seem to need to dominate every living being on

the planet. This is a brave book and a much needed voice on behalf of the animals."

– Bill Maher, Host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher





"How do zoos teach us to perceive nonhuman animals and our

relationship to them?"


As the summer season approaches, families across the country make

plans to visit a zoo. In fact, 45 million American adults and

children visit zoos each year, yet rarely does anyone ask the

fundamental question of what zoos really teach us about animals,

ourselves, and the natural world.


Combining stunning photos with a compelling essay, Thought to Exist

in the Wild: Awakening from the Nightmare of Zoos is a passionate,

unflinching exploration of what zoos are and what they mean, both to

the animals inside the cages and to the animals—humans—watching



Acclaimed writer Derrick Jensen, author ten books, including of A

Language Older Than Words and, most recently, Endgame Volume I and

II, uses his well-known lyrical style to range from the global to the

personal, the heartbreaking to the comical, and from horror to

beauty, examining the history of zoos and their place in our current



Karen Tweedy-Holmes’ breathtaking and often haunting photos provide

the visual narrative, showing us the alienation and loneliness of

animals held in zoos around the world, but also showing us the innate

beauty and dignity of each individual animal.


Zoos are under ever-increasing public scrutiny, particularly for

their care of the intelligent and sensitive elephant. In 2006,

numerous elephants in zoos where found to be suffering from foot

ailments caused by inadequate conditions, and several zoos, under

public pressure, announced plans to phase out their elephant exhibits

and release the animals to the lifelong care of sanctuaries. The

questions raised by Thought to Exist in the Wild are timelier than



Thought to Exist in the Wild paints an unforgettable portrait of

zoos, and leads us toward a deeper understanding of animals,

ourselves, and our place on the planet. The book is available in

bookstores everywhere, or may be ordered direct from the publisher at



No Voice Unheard is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)3 independent

publisher whose books illuminate important social issues

and create unique voices on behalf of those who are unseen, ignored

or disregarded by society.

No Voice Unheard titles are distributed by Biblio Book Distribution.


P O Box 4171 / Santa Cruz, California 95063

phone 831-440-9574 / fax 831-479-3225

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