Three Lion Cubs Born at Reid Park Zoo

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Three Lion Cubs Born at Reid Park Zoo


TUCSON – The Reid Park Zoo has three new lion cubs despite the fact that these cubs are not purebred and part of the Species Survival Plan.  Cubs attract visitors so that is why zoos breed them.

According to a press release, female lion, “Kaya,” has given birth to three cubs at Reid Park Zoo. Her Zoo Keeper heard cub vocalization on Thursday, July 28 when she arrived in the morning. The cubs, two males and one female, had their first medical exam this morning and appear to be doing well.

The cubs and mother are behind-the-scenes and are receiving the best care possible from animal keepers and veterinarians

Kaya and her cubs have access to two “bedrooms” and a cub den – a cave like room with minimal lighting – to reduce stress and human intrusion. Kaya is being provided a modified diet to ensure the nutritional requirements for nursing her young. She is eating well.

“The mortality rate for cubs up to a year old is close to 30% in zoos
– much better than mortality in the wild,” states Jim Schnormeier, The Zoo’s General Curator. “I am pleased that Kaya, as a young first time mom, has taken to her cubs so well. But we must remain cautious as first time mothers sometimes respond negatively to the stress, resulting in less success.” Shombay, the father, is separated from the rest of the pride for safety. He is calm, but curious.

Healthy cubs typically remain behind the scenes for approximately 8 weeks, so it will be a long wait before visitors will be able to view them.

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