Tiger at Big Cat Rescue

There are many ways to visit the cats at Big Cat Rescue but there are some things that are always cruel and you can NOT do here.  You cannot see cubs or pet big cats.  Find out why that is ALWAYS abuse at

Visit Big Cat Rescue

Reservation & prepayment is required for all visits.  No Pets! Kids under 10 are only allowed on Kids Tours or Private tours and those under 5 must also be in strollers, carried, or held by the hand at all times.

Tours fill up quickly (especially Private Tours) so please book in advance to save your spot!

Visit Big Cat Rescue by booking your tickets here. Please enter any coupon, voucher or discount code at time of purchase. You will be required to show the physical coupon, voucher or proof of AAA or proof of Military / First Responder employment which are only good on Day Tours or Kids Tours, you will need proof at check in, or will have to stand in line to pay the additional sums, if you do not bring in your physical form of proof for your discount.  If you have pop ups blocked, and the buttons don’t work, please go here to book tickets instead.

Hotel: For discounted rates at the Courtyard just outside our gate visit

For another view of tours, including more options and longer descriptions:

TourType Days Times Reserve & Prepay Cost @ Person Restrictions
Day Tour M,T,F 3 pm Book Online Now! $49.00 No children under 10
Day Tour Sat. & Sun. 10 am & 3  pm Book Online Now! $49.00 No children under 10
Kids Tour Sat. & Sun. NOON ONLY Book Online Now! $34.00 Kids under 10 Must have parent or guardian. 10 yrs and over pay $49.00 per person.
Feeding Tour Fri. Sat. & Sun. 9 am Book Online Now! $79.00 No children under 10
Private Tour S,M,T,F,S based upon availability. Check calendar. Book Online Now! or


$200.00/$50 This tour is one hour long. $200 for the first person then $50 for each additional person.  Must pre-pay and schedule.
Keeper Tour Fri. Sat. & Sun. 10 am Book Online Now! $149.00 No children under 10
Photo Tour S,M,T,F,S based upon availability. Check calendar. 9-noon Book Online Now! or


$200.00/$50 This tour is one hour long. $200 for the first person then $50 for each additional person.  Must pre-pay and schedule.
Group Tour M,T,F as available. No weekends. Blackout dates in Dec, Jan, March, & April. Advanced booking required. Scheduled between 10am – 1:30pm (time may vary) E-Mail 813 393-6066 $49 adults / $34 child For large community groups & homeschool groups. Min. 10 / Max. 60 guests. All ages.
Weddings S,M,T,F,S based upon availability any time E-Mail 813 962 3837 call for quote Outdoor & Max 24 in party
Parties S,M,T,F,S based upon availability any time E-Mail 813 393-6066 call for quote Outdoor. Max 24 in party.
Field Trips M,T,F as available. No weekends. Blackout dates in Dec, Jan, March, & April. Advanced booking required. Scheduled between 10am – 1:30pm (time may vary) E-Mail 813 393-6066 $34 per child. One free teacher per 20 kids. $49 adtl adults. For schools & scouts. Min. 10 / Max. 60 guests. Must be 5th grade & older.
Night Tours Quarterly.  Check our calendar for times at dark Book Online Now! $79.00 No children under 10. Must be in good health.

We are always closed on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day & New Year’s Day.

For those who cannot walk an hour and a half, we offer limited space on our golf carts for $20 more per person. This is on a first come, first served basis and is ONLY for those who physically cannot manage the walk.

We are located at 12802 Easy Street Tampa, FL 33625

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How to Get to Big Cat Rescue

Download the FREE Tour App

With this free tour app you can see and hear the stories of all of the cats at Big Cat Rescue!


iPhone/iPad or Android
Created by Tour Buddy


We are a sanctuary, not a zoo, so our animals come first. We do not allow people to wander around unescorted. Our tours are all guided and provide an educational experience that includes the plight of big cats in the wild and in captivity and what you can do to save them.  You will be expected to follow these rules:

While you are in Tampabay visit some of these hotels, beach resorts, restaurants and places to play golf.

In Florida, the weather is always an issue. In the summer it rains frequently, but often only for a few minutes. If you have paid for a tour and get rained out during your tour, we will give you a free pass to come back. Because the cats are spooked by umbrellas, they are not allowed but you should bring a raincoat or poncho if it looks like rain. Tours will be canceled during lightning storms. Paths are frequently muddy so closed toed, old, comfortable shoes are recommended.

You may bring your own cold drinks or buy ours but either way, be prepared for the heat.

You are welcome to take photos and video on the tour, but leave the tripods at home, or purchase a private tour. We ask everyone on the tour to stay together, no smoking, no cell phone calls and respect the tour guides warnings so that you have the best possible experience.

If you are traveling with pets, you cannot bring them onto the property. Florida law (and common sense) prohibit you from leaving them in your car, even with the A/C running.  Check out our Tour FAQ and Tour Policies.


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  • Kyle Wietecha


  • Deb At

    It's AMAZING and we are finally booked for the Night Tour on Good Friday 🙂 Can't wait to be stalked and preyed upon!

  • Chelsea Cuthill

    I want to go so much *Stuck here at Alberta*

  • Clark Drew

    I would love to visit Big Cat Rescue!

  • Josey Lopez

    Yep…im going to see this. I love my cats. 😉

  • Veronica Rose

    Thanks YAll For Y'alls Hard Work. Can't Wait To Visit With OuR Kids From Texas!!

  • Kim Morgan

    Headed there now with the family!

    • Cary Millstein

      I wish to go someday!

  • Helen Anna Magnusdotter

    I can't wait to see the beautiful cats again!

  • Monica Spires

    Gift shop open 8-5 every day BUT Thursday

  • Syd Aaron

    I would like to donate.

  • Charlotte Bellamy Kassel

    Do any of the tours allow personal encounters with any of the cats?

  • Jacob M Harrison

    Can you play with baby tigers when u come there?

  • Tamara Cutts Stickels

    Hi I have a ticket from last year with code 535. Is it still valid?

  • logan gingerich

    i live in Wellman,IOWA i was wondering who to call to come and get it removed? please reply

    • logan gingerich

      and its a bobcat

  • Raine Dupuis

    Jacob M Harrison I can't believe you even asked this question…. Watch some of the videos!

  • Raine Dupuis

    Jacob M Harrison No, you can't paly with baby tigers there, this is a Sanctuary, not a torture chamber

  • Jenni Temple Rawlins

    Carole Baskin I get you need to make money but a person who is disabled and needs a scooter for assistance has to pay more just to get around?? Love the concept of your sanctuary, just not thrilled that you make money off of people who could ride their own scooters for free. If a person is in a wheelchair, do you charge them/force them to pay for the golf cart as well? I'm curious how that works.

    • BCR

      Anyone can ride their own scooter, or take a wheel chair. The golf carts are provided in case they don’t have a suitable method of getting around. We have to charge for them because lazy people always want to say they are disabled to get carted around for free. This way the only people who get the carts are the ones who really need it enough to pay the nominal extra fee.

  • Thiago Roman

    My dream is to take my mom to this place… she would love it for sure!

  • Gary Jussila

    cats are natures perfect animal,,they are beautiful,regal,powerful,agile and extremely intelligent..anyone who hurts a cat especially a big cat is lowlife scum

  • Jacqueline Fragoso

    My son LOVES big cats! He brings home every big cat-related library book that he can. He left a message for congress and donated to the cause. I am very proud of him and I hope to visit with him this summer. When he grows up he wants to help and work with them.

  • monica

    Hello members greetings to ya all , just want to inform all members that i have a male and female persian kittens i want to give out for adoption to any good pets loving family , they are both 14 weeks old, vet checked and potty trained , they love kids and other home pets , they good home pets . pls if you nee these lovely babies kindly contact me at for more details .

  • Michelle Mae

    That would be irresponsible. Only places that use the cats for profits allow that.

  • Donna Archer

    @Dawn..then I guess you'll be supporting the scum that makes places like Big Cat Resuce a necessity for the castoffs from people who breed big cats so people like you can be stupid or think you're so need to do some research and stop showing the world just how uninformed you truly are..time to grow up and if you do love big cats then do something for them and become their voice

  • Laura Medley

    thank you for helping them and saving them

  • Sherry E Kiser

    I can't believe that China Doll is gone. My heart is broken as I am sure is Shere Khans and all who cared for her. RIP beautiful princess. You were well loved.

  • Rachel Espinoza

    I love big cats 🙂 Especially tigers

  • Susan E. DaCosta Lanzara

    Have not visited, live far away, but it would be an honor to be peed on by a big cat 🙂

  • Toni PQ Sansone

    i could never use the word before because i dont think anything is, but IF i had to answer the question, '' what is perfection'' i would say these gorgeous magestic creatures.

  • Teresa Calvert

    I'm for sure coming to Florida now! Oh boy, I can visit the big cats???? Yippee skippy! Hope the Amtrak goes to Florida. Woke up at 4 wondering what Mickey n Jumanji were doing. Maybe breakfast since it's earlier here than where y'all are. Oh, happy day….:)

  • Stephanie Gifford

    Love BCR. Can you please enlighten Mixon's in Bradenton that using big cats and elephants for the festival is inhumane and cruel. They need educated fast

  • Megan Julie

    Is there a tour where we can hold some of the cats ?

    • BCR

      Any place that lets you pet the cats is adding to the abuse and cruelty they suffer. Please, never put your desires to touch the wild over the cats’ desire to live free. The main reason so many big cats are bred for life in cages is because people will pay to touch the cubs. None of these captive bred cats serve any conservation value. They are only bred to be exploited for profit. Find out more at

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