Tiger cubs adopted by dog doing well one year later

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Tiger cubs adopted by dog doing well one year later

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It’s been one year since the Safari Zoological Park in Caney, Kansas, entered the national spotlight, after a golden retriever adopted three white tiger cubs that were abandoned by their mother.

The story of the “tiger pups” has been featured on every major network. There’s even a book that was published about this unusual adoption.

It has been a whirlwind year at the Safari Zoological Park. This time last year, owners Tom and Allie Harvey were planning to close the park for good. Owner Allie Harvey says, “We had decided we were going to close August 1st if we didn’t have a miracle happen. And the cubs were born July 27th.”

Their mother, Sassy, abandoned them. So the Harveys turned to their golden retriever Isabelle for help. It was an adoption that would capture the attention of the nation and save the park. “And so that was our miracle. And so I said I guess God is telling us he wants us to stay open.”

Now a year old, the cats weigh 150 pounds each. So Isabelle is forced to watch her adopted litter from outside their enclosure.

Co-owner Tom Harvey explains, “With wild animals, they could play a little rough and not intentionally hurt her. So they just visit from outside. But they would love to have her come in.”

But don’t feel bad for Isabelle. These days she has something new to cuddle. Ten days ago, Sassy once again abandoned a newborn cub. Because Isabelle isn’t nursing a puppy at the moment, the Harveys have to feed the cub by hand. But Isabelle is helping out by cleaning and giving the cub lots of nurturing and attention.

That comes as no surprise to Tom Harvey. “Here is Isabelle. She gave of herself. And she literally saved these tigers when they were born. Then she turned around and actually saved the zoo! And saved all of the animals.”

The Harveys say the new cub is healthy and doing well. But because the mother has once again refused to take care of her baby, she will not be allowed to be breed anymore.



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