Tiger cubs caught on camera by zoo TV

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Tiger cubs caught on camera by zoo TV

Saturday, March 14, 2009, 07:00

RARE tiger cubs at Paignton Zoo are to have their own dedicated in-house TV channel.

A hi-tech camera system is to be installed in the paddock in time for Easter, when it is hoped the Sumatran cubs start going outdoors.

The zoo says visitors should be able to watch the cubs with mum Banda even when they are a long way from the public viewing window.

All four cubs have survived and thrived over the last five weeks after initial fears one could die.

A zoo spokesman said: “The cubs are putting on weight at a rate of about 100 grams per day. Their eyes opened at around three weeks.

They have started to develop social play and interaction and are becoming more mobile and more inquisitive by the day.”

Their antics will be able to be viewed by a remote-control web cam which will cover the large public tiger enclosure.

The web cam will have pan, tilt and zoom functions and will be controlled by staff.

A second camera may be installed in one of the dens.

In addition, there will be a large flat-screen monitor set up by the tiger enclosure viewing window showing live pictures from the cameras.
Neil Bemment, zoo curator of mammals, said: “If Banda chooses to take the cubs to the far end of the tiger paddock, or keeps them indoors, then visitors cannot see them clearly.

“This way, everyone gets to see what the cubs are up to live and the animals get their privacy.”

The equipment is being provided, installed and serviced by fiNETra Ltd, of Wellington, Somerset, which installed the system currently beaming video of the zoo’s rhinos on to the internet.

In addition, new video clips and new stills images are being released showing the cubs at around four weeks old on the zoo’s website.

Staff hope the system will go live at Easter, when the cubs are due to make their first public appearance.



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