Tiger dies of disease in Bhopal’s Van Vihar National Park

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Tiger dies of disease in Bhopal’s Van Vihar National Park


Saturday December 8, 03:44 PM

Bhopal, Dec 8 (ANI): Authorities of Bhopal’s Van Vihar National Park cremated the body of a tiger that died due to a parasitic disease.
Park authorities said every effort was taken to save the five-year old cub Gautam, who succumbed to a malaria-like parasitic diseases commonly transmitted through ticks knows as Babesiosis.
“Despite making our best efforts through the last week, he’s been in constant supervision. We have not been able to save him. And we have been in constant touch with some of the best veterinarians from across the country and have tried every treatment. But we could not save him,” said J. S. Chauhan, Park Director.
Gautam was brought to the park three-years ago from a sanctuary in Raisen district of the State.
At least six tigers have died in the park in the last 18 months, including a white tiger that died recently in October this year.
A. B. Srivasatava, a veterinarian said there was an urgent need for the set up of an organisation that would primarily deal with the health of the animals.
” We should have some kind of an organisation where we can deliberate on the health of wild animals and discuss various aspects of precautions against diseases and also their cures. Till date, we do not have any such organisations in the country,” he said.
India has half the world’s surviving tigers. But the demand for tiger skin and bone in China for making traditional medicines has severely affected the tiger population.
There were about 40,000 tigers in India a century ago, but decades of poaching and depletion of their natural habitat have cut their numbers to 3,700. According to some wildlife experts, the total could actually be as low as 1,200.
In September last year, India passed new legislation aimed at tackling the tiger crisis, providing for a National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCS) and a Wildlife Crime Bureau to investigate poaching and curbing the illegal trade in wildlife parts. (ANI)


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