Tiger Exhibit Draws Large Crowds at Grayson County Fair

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Grayson County, TX — Despite the cold temperatures, the Grayson County Fair saw a great turnout today. It's hard to resist fried food and a merry-go-round. Deeda Payton reports on this year's biggest attractions.

Rides are just one of the reasons families come out to the Grayson County Fair. "We just got here and I think we're gona do some rides. The food's got to be good we're going to try it next."

There's face painting, a giant slide and cotton candy of course. And, you can't have a fair without a merry-go round. But, fair goers say they have never seen a crowd like this before. "There's a lot of people this year versus the last few years and even in the cold weather I was surprised to see this many people."

Men, women and children walked from booth to booth playing games and taking in all the eye candy. "What was the best thing you saw? "The tigers because I've never seen a tiger before and I also saw chicks and they were really small and I never saw chicks before."

The white tigers are new to the Grayson County Fair this year. The exhibit is not a petting zoo although you can come in and help feed the white tigers. "It's really cool, I've always liked tigers."

But, one cowboys fan wasn't about to let two tigers steal the spotlight. This monkey proved to be just one of the many crowd pleasers at this year's fair.

If you haven't made it out to the fair yet, you'll have one more chance tomorrow. It's open all day at Loy Lake Park in Denison.



Carole's comments on the site:

It's hard to believe there are still people so ignorant about the abuse that is inherent in dragging big cats around the country for exploitation.  The fact that the media doesn't research the dismal USDA violations or the fact that all white tigers are created by cross breeding Bengal and Siberian tigers and inbreeding them to get the white coat color is even more disturbing.  No one would support such acts if they knew that truth that easily found by googling "white tigers"

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