Tiger in a Shed, Bobcat in a Box

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Tiger in a Shed, Bobcat in a Box

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A tiger has been kept in a shed, in a small concrete floored cage for more than 3 years. She interrupts her constant pacing, only to stand up and look out the small window at the world who has forgotten about her.  Outside there is a tiny chain link box barely more than two feet wide and maybe eight feet long.  Inside, on a gravel floor, paces a bobcat.  No where to go and nothing to do, the pitiful bobcat paces back and forth, back and forth...waiting for help to come.

The owner is in the hospital and her volunteers are fearful that she will die there.  If she does, she is the only permit holder at that site for the cats and the state could come in and euthanize the cats, or send them to another awful facility where they will be treated just as badly or worse.  There are no decent facilities in FL that are willing to take them and Big Cat Rescue doesn't have room.


Help end cruelty like this by speaking up for better laws. Visit http://capwiz.com/bigcatrescue/home/ to send a sample letter now.


More on Diane Zandman and Animal Rescue Kingdom and Growing Interest For Teens, Inc. and Vanishing Species Wildlife, Inc.


Update 3/20/09: We have just learned that Tigger the tiger and Bella the bobcat have both been placed at a licensed facility in FL, but the FWC inspector wouldn't say where. She did say that it was not at Vanishing Species. She described the new facility as a good place, but she seemed to see no problem with where they were at Diane Zandman's, in a shed and an undersized cage, so that isn't saying much.

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