Tiger Safari welcomes white tiger cub

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Tiger Safari welcomes white tiger cub


The Tuttle Times


TUTTLE — Tiger Safari, a non-profit animal sanctuary that is home to more than 100 exotic animals, is proud to announce its newest addition to the park: a white tiger cub.


White tigers are extremely rare, and only one of every 10,000 tigers is white. It is estimated that there are only about 200 white tigers worldwide, and Tiger Safari is thrilled that one of them can now call Oklahoma home.


Visitors may get an 8×10 photograph with the cub for $25. All proceeds will go to help build a new compound for the park’s two resident Black Bears: Smoky and baby Nita. Besides a picture with the white tiger, guests are also welcome to get pictures with other animals.


In addition to the white tiger and bears, some of Tiger Safari’s other residents include: A Barbary Lion and an African Lion, a Siberian Tiger, Black Leopards, a Cougar, Russian Wolves, a Wallaby, an American Alligator, and more. Their line-up also includes some lesser-known animals such as a Kinkajou and a Coatimundi, a relative of the raccoon.


Park hours are Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and by appointment during the week. Admission is $5 for adults, $4 for children under the age of 12. Children under two are admitted free of charge. This summer Tiger Safari is also offering a Summer Special where guests can enter the park, feed the petting zoo animals, feed Rajah the Siberian Tiger, and feed Smoky the Black Bear for only $10 a person.


Tiger Safari is also always looking for volunteers age 14 and over. Anyone who has a love of animals and enjoys working outside is welcome to call 405-381-WILD (9453) or visit www.tigersafari.us for more information. Birthday parties and other groups hoping for a great interactive experience with animals are also invited to call for more information or to book an event at the park.  Tuttle, OK



Carole’s comment on their web page:


Dear Editor


I was dismayed to read that your paper would promote a pseudo sanctuary that would breed or buy baby wild animals as props for “education.” Even though there has been a lot about these sort of abusive activities there are apparently some people who don’t know what happens to the animals when they can no longer be used. For the most part, only babies can be used and while the animal may look like an adult, they are still infantile in their dependence on the person who ripped them from their mother to use them for such entertainment. If they don’t die from the poor care they often get, they will eventually grow up to be what nature intended and in the case of predators, that is an animal that cannot be safely handled. They are then killed, sold at auction (usually for their parts) or bred to create more unfortunate animals who will live out their lives in barren, small cages.

The white tiger is an especially bad choice of animals to promote because to get the mutation that causes a white coat the breeder must purposely inbreed father to daughter, brother to sister, etc. in order to create an animal that is so genetically messed up as to exhibit a white coat.

As an editor you have the ability to do some real educating by speaking out for the voiceless animals and by refusing to promote those who would make their living at the expense of the freedom these animals should have had as their birthright.

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