Tiger triplets ready to celebrate

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Tiger triplets ready to celebrate

Tanya Westthorp
April 28th, 2009

DREAMWORLD’S tiger cubs may be growing up, but they’re still `just big dorks’.

The Gold Coast’s Sumatran tiger triplets — Jaya, Ndari and Shanti — turn one on June 9 and have transformed from 1kg cute balls of fluff into 70kg big cats that each gobble 2.5kg of horse, chicken and beef mince every day.

Tiger Island manager Patrick Martin-Vague said Jaya was the most affectionate of the three girls but was also the one who spent most of her time beating up the others.

Boisterous Shanti loves jumping on Mr Martin-Vague and knocking him over, while Ndari is the best swimmer.

“The stuff that amuses us the most is when they run around like idiots and straight into rocks and trees,” he said.

“Everyone thinks they’re this amazing graceful animal but they just tend to be dorky at times.

“They are very durable animals and enjoy playing with each other and the older adult female Sita.”

The cubs also have an adopted sister Sali, who is two months older and was brought to Tiger Island from Perth Zoo after her two other siblings died.

Mr Martin-Vague has raised more than 100 cubs and is in no doubt he has one of the best jobs in the world.

When the triplets were young, he used to take them home at night and watch as his rhodesian ridgeback dog `smashed’ the playful cubs who then fought back.

The cubs will eventually join Dreamworld’s breeding program.



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