Tiger Truck Stop Cat Fight

Tiger Truck Stop Cat Fight

Watch Michael Sandlin’s employees attack Advocates who came to speak up for Tony the Tiger. FreeTony.com for more info. You can safely speak up and ask that Tony be sent to Big Cat Rescue at CatLaws.com  2009

Help free Tony the tiger from the Tiger Truck Stop in Louisiana. Visit FreeTony.com to find free ways to help him retire to Big Cat Rescue. 12802 Easy Street Tampa, FL 33625 813 920-4130 BigCatRescue.org Addn’l photo credits: Julie Hanan and Jamie Veronica

We hired an attorney to speak up for Tony the tiger at the Jan. 20, 2009 Iberville Parish Council meeting, but the council cut him off and wouldn’t allow him to show them the case law he brought that would explain to them why it would be foolish for them to amend their ban on wild animal exhibits. They didn’t want to hear it, but Tony needs them to hear it. Please write and call the council members, come to the Feb. meeting and get your friends to help at FreeTony.com

Tiger Condemned to Truck Stop

Tiger Truck Stop Disgrace

At a truckstop outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, “Tony”, a large tiger is kept in a barren, exposed cage next to the interstate, where trucks rumble up day and night to get gas.
They claim that the tiger is “part of their family”, but I suspect it has more to do with attracting business, since I can’t imagine anyone who actually cared about animals keeping one in such an inadequate, improper place.
The Big Cat Rescue sanctuary of Florida has been offering for years to take Tony, but so far the truckstop owners have refused, even though Louisiana state law bans the keeping of them. They are fighting to keep their solitary tiger imprisoned in its lousy cage for the rest of its lonely life.

By: journeyman47  Posted February 16, 2009


Dead White Tiger Mounted Over Buffet Table

At the Tiger Truckstop near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, not only do they keep Tony, a live tiger kept in a crummy little cage exposed to the freeway, their restaurant keeps a stuffed white tiger above the salad bar.
The tiger is a handsome white Bengal, which makes it all the more grotesque that they keep it in their restaurant.
(Listen carefully to a brief conversation I had with a customer off-camera.)

By: journeyman47  Posted February 16, 2009


Find out more at FreeTony.com


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